SHOT Show 2015 (Spyderco and Benchmade)

SHOT Show 2015
Yes, my friends—SHOT Show is finally here. (Basically, anyway.) SHOT Show starts in just four days! As always, the fine folks at Blade HQ are staying on top of things and have already started posting the new product for 2015, so I’ve got a sweet SHOT Show preview just for you. We’re just focusing on Spyderco and Benchmade today, but stay tuned Blade HQ’s YouTube channel and Blade HQ’s other social media to get all your SHOT Show updates.

SHOT Show 2015

(*Information is subject to change as production nears, but this post includes the information that has been released to the public to date.)


Spyderco Pingo Slip-It Knife Titanium
spyderco-pingo-clip-point-titaniumThis design from Jens Anso is a sprint run for 2015. It totals 5.80 inches in length and has a 2.35-inch sheepsfoot blade made of premium Elmax steel. A new feature in this version of the Pingo is the wrap-around, anodized Spyderco logo on the titanium handle.
Spyderco Dragonfly 2 Lightweight Knife Purple FRN
spyderco-dragonfly-frn-purpleThe Dragonfly is back in a new color! This version sports a vibrant purple FRN handle and a 2.28-inch VG-10 blade (overall, it totals 5.61 inches in length). The back lock, hollow grind, and reversible tip-up pocket clip all contribute to make this knife a great one for everyday carry.
Spyderco Squeak Slipit Knife Titanium C154TIP
spyderco-2015-squeak-slipit-titaniumThis version of the Squeak is a sprint run for the year 2015. It has a lot of the same mechanics and specifications as the original models of the Squeak, and it has a 2-inch Elmax steel blade. This Squeak also has satin-finished titanium handle scales and was produced in Maniago, Italy.
Spyderco Perrin PPT Folding Knife Black Corrugated G-10
spyderco-2015-perrin-ppt-black-blade-c135gbbkpThis is the last of Spyderco’s sprint runs for 2015. The PPT is named after its three designers: Fred Perrin, Philippe Perotti, and Sacha Thiel. It’s a pretty unique knife from its uniquely textured handle to its locking mechanism, which is sort of a frame lock–liner lock combination. The knife totals 7.40 inches in length and features a 3.15-inch CPM-S30V steel blade.
Spyderco Aqua Salt Fixed Blade Dive Knife
spyderco-aqua-salt-black-plain-2015Do you recognize this knife? Previously discontinued, The Aqua Salt is back due to popular demand. The knife has a rust-free, H1 steel blade that totals 4.78 inches and the knife totals 9.33 inches overall.
Spyderco Ronin 2 Fixed Blade Knife G-10
Spyderco-2015-roninThis new 2015 knife was designed by Michael Janich, an established personal-defense authority. The knife has a 4.12-inch, CTS-BD1 blade, and the knife totals 7.88 inches in length.
Spyderco Matriarch 2 with Emerson Opener
This knife is coming out in 2015 and it has the Emerson wave opening feature, the classic Spyderco Endura handle, and the reverse “s” edge profile of the Spyderco Civilian. All in all, this knife totals 8.55 inches in length and has a 3.57-inch blade made of VG-10 stainless steel.
Spyderco Roadie Slip Joint Knife Blue
spyderco-roadie-slip-joint-blueThe Spyderco Roadie was released at Blade Show in 2014. You may recall that at one point, TSA announced that small knives would be allowed on planes. Before the policy was ever put into practice, however, it was withdrawn. Nevertheless, Spyderco was ready with the Roadie, which would comply with TSA’s new policy.
This year, the Roadie is available in a few more colors. The new models each feature a 2.99-inch blade and total 5.08 inches in length. Take a look at all the color options you have:
Spyderco Roadie Slip Joint Knife Gray
Spyderco Roadie Slip Joint Knife Orange
Spyderco Roadie Slip Joint Knife Red
Spyderco PITS Folder Slip Joint Knife
“PITS” stands for “Pie in the Sky,” and this knife is based on Mike Read’s non-locking folding knife. The precision-machined and skeletonized handle provides needed texturing on the titanium handle. It also has “integral split spring arms” that create the slip-joint mechanism in the knife. Overall, this knife is 7.16 inches long with a 2.97-inch N690Co blade.
Spyderco Schempp Bowie Liner Lock
spyderco-schempp-bowie-folder-c190cfpThis Spyderco Bowie was designed by Ed Schempp. It features the classic American Bowie style with its Bowie blade, but it also has a modern twist with the carbon fiber/ G-10 laminate scales. The overall length on this knife is 8.45 inches and the S30V steel blade totals 3.72 inches in length.
Spyderco Endura 4 Lockback Knife
spyderco-endura-4-titanium-damascusThe Endura will always be a favorite EDC among Spyderco lovers, but it’s even cooler with a Damascus blade. The Damascus in this version of the Endura 4 has 15 layers. Other features of this knife include a four-way reversible pocket clip, a 3.75-inch blade, and a titanium handle.
Spyderco Reverse Fixed Blade
The Spyderco Reverse is designed by Craig Douglas and Michael Janich. It totals 7.74 inches in length and has a 3.47-inch, CTS-BD1 blade. A neat feature in this knife is its two-piece G-10 handle that “can be reversed to yield mirror-image ‘edge-out’ ergonomics.”
Spyderco SzaboHawk 12” Hand Axe
The SzaboHawk is a Laci Szabo design, and it’s designed as a “close-quarters-combat weapon” but also as a sturdy, functional tool. This hand axe also has the Spydie hole we’ve all come to know and love. The SzaboHawk is 11.88 inches long overall, and it weighs just 1 lb. 8.70 ounces. It has a comfortable G-10 handle and the axe head is made of D2 steel with a TiCN black finish.
Spyderco Urban Lightweight Black FRN
The Urban Lightweight is a “Slipit” knife, which means that it does not lock when open. This is a favorable feature to many because it makes the knife legal in many areas where locking blades are not permitted. The knife totals 6.06 inches in length, has a 2.61-inch N690Co blade with a full flat grind, and totals 2 ounces in weight.
Spyderco Chaparral 3 Blue Stepped Titanium
The Chaparral is a favorite Spyderco for many, and now it’s available in blue stepped titanium. The handle on this knife has been blue anodized and then machined again, which creates the unique stepped pattern on the handle. The knife totals 6.35 inches overall with a 2.80-inch CTS-XHP blade, and it weighs 2.70 ounces.
Spyderco Assist Salt H-1 Knife Yellow FRN
This 2015 release from Spyderco is a rescue tool with quite a few handy features. The serrations allow for cutting materials like seat belts, and the tip of the blade has been left with a plain edge for detail work. The waves on the spine of the blade are intended to make cutting rope in and around flesh easier and safer; you can place the rope between the handle and half-open blade and “scissor” the knife shut. This gives the option of cutting rope or other materials without fully opening the blade. Another neat feature is a retractable carbide tip that is exposed after squeezing the knife’s blade deeper into the handle while closed. This can be used for breaking glass. Also, the handle features an outlined whistle for emergency situations.
Spyderco Pacific Salt H-1 Knife Black FRN
This new knife from Spyderco is a great EDC option for anyone who spends time around water. The knife has a rust-free H-1 steel blade, making it perfect for use in or near water. The knife totals 8.625 inches in length, and the H-1 blade is 3.81 inches.  The blade isn’t the only aspect of this knife that’s catered toward water use; the internal steel components are treated to prevent corrosion and pitting, as well.
Spyderco Salt 1 Lightweight Knife Black FRN
The Salt is now available with a titanium carbonitridecoated H1 blade. Other features include a rounded tip that’s great for boating an fishing tasks, a larger 14mm Spyderco Round Hole for easier operation with gloves, internal and external components that have been treated to increase resistance to rust and pitting, and “Volcano Grip” texturing, to name a few. The overall length on this knife is 7.02 inches, and the blade totals 3.03 inches.
Spyderco Stretch 2 Knife Brown G-10
The new Spyderco Stretch 2 totals 7.99 inches in length and features a 3.5-inch ZDP-189 blade. It has skeletonized steel liners and a stainless steel back spacer, along with textured G-10 scales for an excellent grip.


Benchmade 757
benchmade-757-pairDesigned by Shane Sibert, the Vicar features a 3.90-inch, CPM-S30V steel blade and totals 8.95 inches in length. Other features include stacked G-10 handle scales, a titanium liner lock, and a tip-up carry pocket clip.
Benchmade 665 XAS Push Button Assist Knife
benchmade-665_pairThis folding knife is a great everyday carry knife, but would also be great for taking hiking or camping.
Benchmade Nakamura AXIS Lock Carbon Fiber 484-1
benchmade-484-1-pairThe 484 is the first Nakamura knife to feature Benchmade’s AXIS mechanism. The knife is 7.03 inches long overall and has a 3.08-inch, S90V steel blade. The handle on this model is made of carbon fiber with stainless steel liners.
Benchmade 808 Loco Axis Lock Knife
benchmade-808-pairThe 808 Loco Axis knife has G-10 scales and a drop point blade. The blade also has a nice oval thumb cutout for easy opening.
Benchmade 6800 XAU Automatic Knife 6800
benchmade-6800_pairThe 6800 is an awesome automatic knife from Benchmade. It has a 154-CM steel blade and an aluminum handle that has been black anodized and features a pommel.
Benchmade 4300 CLA Drop Point Automatic Knife
benchmade-4300_pairThe 4300 is another stellar auto that’s coming out in 2015 from Benchmade. It has a modified drop point blade, a G-10 handle, and a safety.
Benchmade Pagan D/E OTF Automatic Knife 3320
benchmade-3320_pairThe Infidel is no longer the only Benchmade OTF around; the 3320 Pagan is coming out in 2015, and is sure to be a hit. The Pagan has a chisel ground, spear point blade and the handle is made of black aluminum.
Benchmade 761 Titanium Framelock Knife 761S
benchmade-761_pairThe 761 is a great knife for everyday carry; it totals 8.60 inches in length and has a 3.73-inch, M390 blade. The handle is made of titanium and has a sturdy frame lock, and the blade is opened using ball bearings for super smooth opening.
Benchmade Valet AXIS Lock Knife Gray G-10 485
benchmade-485_pair-(2)The Benchmade Valet is a sturdy folding knife that’s great for everyday carry. The knife has the solid AXIS lock we’ve all come to know and love, a 2.96-inch M390 steel blade, and a G-10 handle with stainless steel liners.
Benchmade Large Emissary 3.5 AXIS-Assist Knife Aqua 477-1S
benchmade-477-1-osborne-lg-e-missary-axa-s30v-alThe 477, an Osborne design, is much like the original version of the Emissary, but the handle has been aqua anodized, and it is a bit larger than the 470. All in all, the 477 totals 8 inches in length and features a 3.45-inch blade made of CMP-S30V steel. The 477 is great for everyday carry, but also for camping and hiking.
Benchmade 112 Opposing Bevel H2O Dive Knife 112 (Black and Yellow)
benchmade-112_pairThe Benchmade 112 is available in black and yellow, and both knives have the same specifications, with the exception of their handle color. The 112 series was primarily designed to be used in water-related activities, and the knives feature N680 steel, partial serrations, a blunt tip, a rescue hook cutter, and a textured, rubberized handle. All in all, these knives total 8.07 inches in length, the blades total 3.50 inches, and the overall weight on these knives comes to 3.20 ounces.
Benchmade Bolo Fixed Blade Knife 153BK
benchmade-153_pairThis intense blade is another sweet release from Benchmade for 2015. The overall length on this beast of a knife is 14.29 inches, and the Bolo blade totals 9.69 inches. You can do some serious chopping with this knife, which makes it a great option for camping and hiking. The steel on the blade is 1095.
Benchmade Jungle Clip Point Fixed Blade Knife
benchmade-154_pairThe Jungle Clip point is very similar to the Bolo; it’s a great chopper and totals 14.29 inches with a 9.69-inch, 1095 steel blade.
More updates will be coming your way in the coming days and weeks! Stay tuned to Blade HQ’s social media to get all the latest updates. Happy SHOT Show to you!

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  1. I look forward to reviewing many of those this year! I do wonder why the Benchmade 761 is tip down only, seems like an odd oversight for what is supposed to be a flagship/sebenza killer.

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