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Get ready for the best thing that’s happened in the year 2015!
In the past year or so, Blade HQ released 5 infographics on blade grinds, locking mechanisms, blade styles, and knife types. Up until now, these infographics have been separate, meaning you couldn’t view all of them at the same time. Lucky for you though, that’s about to change!
Below, you’ll find one gigantore knife guide infographic that includes all 5 of Blade HQ’s infographics. It has all of the same information you saw previously, but there is one new addition: uses and pros and cons of the different blade grinds, as was suggested by some of you. (Yep, I do read your comments!)
We hope this monstrous knife infographic makes your heart happy. Click on the image twice to view in a nice, large-ish version of this knife guide that’s much more readable. Enjoy!

Blade HQ Knife Infographic

What do you think of this knife guide? The graphic designer at Blade HQ put tons of time into designing this whole thing, so be sure to leave a comment letting him know what an awesome job he’s done because it’s always nice to know your work is appreciated.
To read up on all your knife styles, visit our Types of Knives Guide.
Take care, knife peeps.

2 thoughts on “Knife Guide Infographic

  1. Agreed. A poster would be a cool idea. As a drafter I have a deep appreciation for schematics, exploded diagrams, and things of that nature. Keep up the good work, and maybe we’ll see more of these in the future.

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