Must-Have Italian Style Knives under $100

Italian knives under $100.

Italian style knives are all about class. When you need to make the right impression, nothing will do like a classy Italian style knife. We’re going to break down all the best options, and here’s the really good news—every option comes in under $100.

SKM AB 9″ Italian Stiletto Stag Automatic Knife

Beautiful stiletto knife from SKM. Grindworx guide to Italian style knives under $100.
SKM AB 9″ Italian Stag Stiletto Knife.
  • $85
  • 3.875″ bayonet blade
  • stag handle scales
  • 3.55 oz.
  • Bolster lock

Let’s start things off with a true Italian masterpiece. This knife features brass liners and stag handle scales. If cutlery tradition is of the utmost importance to you, this blade has got it all. I heard someone say they don’t make them like they used to, but apparently no one told SKM…

Frank B. 11″ Italian Stiletto Sim Ivory Tactical Automatic Knife

Tactical style Frank B. 11" Stiletto, from the Grindworx guide to Italian style knives under $100.
Frank B. 11″ Italian Stiletto Knife.
  • $80
  • 4.875″ bayonet blade
  • Polymer handle scales
  • 4.76 oz.
  • Bolster lock

Frank B. may sound like your buddy from that afterword co-ed softball team, but really what we’re talking about is a high-quality manufacturer of Italian knives. This beast offers close to five inches of blacked-out blade. You’ll be surprised by the balance and function of this giant auto.

9″ Anomaly Stiletto Black Speckle Automatic Knife

Fun black speckle Anomaly 9" stiletto. Grindworx guide to Italian knives under $100.
9″ Anomaly Black Speckle Stiletto.
  • $15
  • 4″ bayonet blade
  • Acrylic handle scales
  • 3.80 oz.
  • Bolster lock

In a much lower price tier we’ve got the Anomaly stiletto—one of the best-selling models at Grindworx. These knives are insanely affordable and come with super fun, imaginative designs and limitless options. This one features a sparkly speckle pattern reminiscent of those backdrops from your childhood school photo.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Anomaly 9″ Stiletto Tactical Digi Camo Automatic Knife

Tactical style 9" Anomaly stiletto with digi camo and a blacked-out blade.
9″ Anomaly Tactical Digi Camo Stiletto.
  • $15
  • 3.75″ bayonet blade
  • Acrylic handle scales
  • 3.70 oz.
  • Bolster lock

I wouldn’t dare show you one design from Anomaly without providing another example of their diversity and creativity. This one here is very similar in terms of build, but the sparkle unicorn theme is ditched for a more tactical aesthetic. Brown digi camo scales and a blacked-out blade show the world that you mean business. Leave on of these in your valet tray by the door and it won’t ever let you down opening boxes, mail, or performing other light EDC tasks.

SKM 5.5″ Italian Stiletto White Pearlex Automatic Knife

Beautiful white Pearlex stiletto from SKM. Grindworx guide to Italian knives under $100.
SKM 5.5″ White Pearlex Italian Stiletto.
  • $65
  • 2.375″ bayonet blade
  • Acrylic handle scales
  • 1.33 oz.
  • Bolster lock

You remember that traditional stag handled stiletto from SKM featured at the top, yeah? This one features a similar design, but changes out the nearly 4-inch blade for a sub-2.5-inch blade and beautiful white Pearlex handle scales. This knife combines slim pocket feel with an ultra-lightweight construction, making it the perfect office carry for classy individuals.

AKC Classic 7.75″ Lever Lock Dark Horn Automatic Knife

Classic Italian Leverlock with dark horn from AKC. Grindworx guide to Italian knives under $100.
AKC Classic 7.75″ Dark Horn Leverlock.
  • $85
  • 3.125″ drop point blade
  • Dark horn handle scales
  • 4.17 oz.
  • Lever lock

AKC (Automatic Knife Company) out of Maniago, Italy is famous for their automatic knives. From the OTF F-16 to this wonder lever lock and many more, you can’t go wrong with any choice from this brand. The AKC Classic Lever Lock has beautiful dark horn handle scales and the blade is a handsome drop point, a less common feature in Italian knives.

Falcon Fish Tail 7.75″ Italian Stiletto Olive Wood Manual Knife

Olive wood fish tail Italian knife from Falcon. Grindworx guide to Italian knives under $100.
Falcon Fish Tail Olive Wood Italian Knife.
  • $25
  • 3.374″ clip point blade
  • Wood handle scales
  • 2.55 oz.
  • Bolster lock

Knives are tools. Or are they art? With this Fish Tail manual stiletto from Falcon, that line becomes very, very blurry. Gorgeous olive wood handle scales compliment a slim, graceful clip point blade.

Fraraccio Knives Zuavo Lunghezza Yellow Buffalo Horn Manual Knife

Beautiful yellow buffalo horn Italian manual knife from Fraraccio Knives. Grindworx guide to Italian knives under $100.
Fraraccio Knives Zuavo Lunghezza Yellow Buffalo Horn Manual Knife.
  • $25
  • 3.625″ drop point blade
  • Polymer handle scales
  • 3.20 oz.
  • Slip joint

Fraraccio makes real deal Italian knives. This slip joint folder features clean lines, elegant finishing, and unique styling. The faux yellow buffalo horn scales pair well with a beveled nickel silver bolster. Throw a loop of leather cord through the lanyard hole and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more appropriate—or more attractive—knife for everyday tasks.

Start your Italian knife collection off today with these top picks from Grindworx. Be prepared to take a deep dive on our website—we’ve got hundreds of stilettos to fit any style from greaser to wannabe mobster, and more.

Which knife are you itching to add to your collection? Let us know in the comments!

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