Spring Forward!

Last Sunday most of us had to “Spring Forward” thanks to Daylight Savings time.  But for some of you, “Springing Forward” means something else entirely.  I’m talking about spring assisted knives of course.

One of our newer additions is the Tiger USA Escort II spring assisted with Kris blades. Tiger USA has done something really great with these knives, they have a really unique look about them, and make for a great, inexpensive EDC.   Tiger has taken a classic stiletto style knife and decided to mix it up.  Adding a 1045 Kris style blade really helps to give this knife an interesting and fresh feel.

With a variety of options and colors, there is definitely going to be a style for everyone.

The 4.75” handles, made of Acrylic, Aluminum, Wood, or Rosewood help this Knife to have a personal feel while making sure it doesn’t come with the personal price tag.  Each unique handle material and color make this knife a conversation piece even before you extend the Kris blade.

The 3.75” Kris blade brings this knife to a full 8.75” when fully extended.  Made of 1045 medium carbon steel, this is a reliable knife.  The 1045 provides high strength and high impact properties, making this a sturdy and durable knife.  The interesting and seldom used Kris design blade is what really stands out about this knife.  It definitely sets it apart from any other spring assisted model you may have seen in the past.

Weighing only 5.24 oz. this knife is perfect for your first EDC.  Tip up pocket clip, and thumb flipper make this knife easily accessible at all times.

Sure to impress your friends and start up a conversation, this knife is practically a steal.  Its $14.99 price tag make this knife perfect for the first time buyer.  Other spring assisted knives with Kris blades can stretch up and well over the one hundred dollar mark, but not this one.  This one is easy on the eyes and the wallet.  With so many options and designs why not order yours today?

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