New Frank B Stilettos

Frank Beltrame has long been the man when it comes to Italian knives. We got a few Frank B stilettos in last week, and they’re pretty awesome—they come in a variety of handle materials, and even a couple of different blade shapes. My personal favorites have a Kriss blade. Take a look:


Frank Beltrame stilettos are among the most beautiful Italian-style knives you’ll encounter. Each is a masterpiece that’s fun to use and a pleasure to own.

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One thought on “New Frank B Stilettos

  1. Own a few, and the natural horn ones are way nicer. I bought an acrylic scale 9 ” one made by Frank B, and its a cheep piece of garbage with slow action. I guess I expected more for the $65 I paid for it. I own 1 made in China that is way better quality. I also own a few stag and horn scale Frank B 11″ however and they are supior quality, so don’t be cheap. You get what you pay for.

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