Knives are Survival Tools

Knives can come in quite handy, but only if you own one. There are many miraculous survival stories that wouldn’t have been possible without an edged tool. Take Aron Ralston for example; his story is perhaps one of the most well-known accounts of survival today, but it wouldn’t have had a happy ending without a multi-tool. While canyoneering, Aron’s arm became trapped under a dislodged bolder. After several days, he was able to finally free himself by amputating his arm with a multi-tool. Aron was trapped for five days and seven hours, or a total of 127 hours. (Does that number ring a bell?)
This story of survival is truly amazing. Some other survival stories are simple but no less meaningful. Last month, a police officer in New York used a knife to help free a trapped deer.  The deer was tangled in some Christmas lights behind the officer’s mother’s home, and he quickly responded.
The cop is a hunter, but he said that he felt sorry for the deer, so he set it free. Below is a YouTube clip of the officer freeing the deer. Partway through the clip, he  whips out his knife and proceeds to free the deer.
Can anyone identify this knife? We think it might be this Smith & Weson Baby S.W.A.T. (My apologies for the blurry image.)
Take a look! (The knife is introduced at around 1:14.)

It’s a pretty heart-warming story, even if you don’t like animals. Again, the cop was able to respond quickly because he was carrying a knife. You really never know when you’ll need your knife.
I know knives come in handy on a regular basis, so I want to know—when has your knife been there for you? And what knife was it? Let us know! We want to hear your stories.

3 thoughts on “Knives are Survival Tools

  1. My knife was there for me yesterday when I received a package in the mail. I opened the box with my knife, and was able to get my new knife out of the box! Which I used today to open an envelope! Knives, helping me, help knives, help me.

  2. I have used my knife several times for utilitarian purposes,however there was once an incident where in I have to draw my folding knife and post it as an equalizer. I visited a friend who resides on a rough neighborhood. As I took path home, an intoxicated guy suddenly draw an 8 inch kitchen knife to intimidate the other fellows who was drinking alcohol with him. It wasn’t my business, but as I pass he looked at me and waved the knife to intimidate me. I have no idea who he is and what he is capable to do, all I know is I will not be a victim on that day. So I pulled my Cold Steel Ti Lite and started to maneuver on an advantageous position. Sensing that I will not stand as a victim he backed off and said he doesn’t want any trouble with me and he let me pass. I didn’t get to cut him, but if I have have to I would. I was glad nothing bad happened, but should I be on same situation again I wouldn’t hesitate to draw my blade again and use it should the situation dictates it. Did I mention I am a native Filipino with 20 years experience with the Filipino Martial Arts and my specialization is the edged weapon. As my mentor says “It’s better to have your knife with you and not need it, than need it and not have it”. So lesson learned ,never leave your home without your knife.

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