Happy National Knife Day



This year, to celebrate National Knife Day, we asked the question “What Makes You A Knife Guy”? We wanted to hear stories from true knife guys, people just like you. The responses we received were fantastic. So we decided to share some of those replies with you.
To begin with, we asked Cam Hughes, CEO of Blade HQ, what makes him a knife guy. Here is his reply:
I think of myself as a “knife guy” because one of my first thoughts, when I go somewhere, is usually “Do I have my knife?” Admittedly sometimes I do forget it or I can’t bring a knife with me and it’s like not wearing socks.
Where did you get your passion for knives, or what makes you love them?

My Dad is a military guy and he would take me to surplus stores as a kid. He let me buy whatever knives I wanted and so I grew up using and loving them. Some of my best memories are of playing in the forest and carving sticks for hiking and roasting marshmallows, making bows and arrows and crafting various hideouts. For me knives are all about the utility- I use mine a dozen times a day and I don’t know what I’d do without one.

Zidfeldts over at Bladeforums.com says this is why he is a knife guy:
I think you are born to be a knife guy. Nobody on either side of my family has been until me. I can remember going to my grandparents’ and staring at an old fixed blade Remington hunter that they used daily. I wanted that knife badly and would still love to have it. I now have hundreds of knives and I still think of that old hunter as the one that got away.

Apdallaround with Jerzeedevil said this:
My Victorinox Tinker made me a knife guy. It was a gift from my Dad for transitioning from a cub scout to a boy scout 25 or so years ago. Many knives followed, but this was the first.

Bruce Bump over at Knifedogs.com shared this with us:
I contacted this disease as a child in my formative years. Dad took me to a gun show and there was a knife maker there. I didn’t know knife making was possible! I was 13 at that time, now I’m 64 and apparently there is no cure for my passion except the next fix.

These are just a few of the many replies we received. We loved hearing what makes you all “Knife Guys”. Feel free to leave your personal stories in the comments below. To celebrate National Knife Day, we want to see you and your knives. Head over to Instagram and use #Grindworx and #NationalKnifeDay, and show us what makes you a knife guy.
And don’t forget, to celebrate National Knife Day (August 24th) Grindworx.com will be giving away a free knife with every purchase during that day, while supplies last, limit one per customer.
We hope you have a fantastic National Knife Day!

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