Favorite Knives under $50

Sometimes spending as little money as possible is your only objective. Other times, though, you need something that might cost a little bit more, but that will last you a long time too. As far as knives are concerned, you can find something really stellar for less than $50. I asked some employees here at Grindworx what their favorite knives under $50 were, and here are the ones they selected:

United Cutlery Willumsen Urban Tactical Blondie


Despite its name, the Blondie is a pretty hardcore knife (I’m blonde, so I’m allowed to say that). It’s a fairly large folding knife with a 4.38” blade and a closed length of 5.75”. The knife costs $37.50 which is a fantastic price, especially considering it has a 440C stainless steel blade. 440C contains .95–1.20 percent carbon, and it is wear resistant but also hard. 440C is considered to be a higher end steel. The Blondie also has a frame lock which makes the knife even more solid.

Boker Kalashnikov


A knife that needs no introduction, right? The Kalashnikov has been on Grindworx a lot lately so I won’t talk too much about it, but several people here did say it was their favorite knife for under $50, so I felt like I should include it. You all know that for its price, you really can’t beat the Kalashnikov for a good automatic knife. And I’m going to leave it at that.

Kershaw Cryo


The Cryo is designed by Rick Hinderer, who designs hard-use tactical folding knives. It has a flipper and thumb studs which means you have two options for opening the knife, and it is four-way reversible (tip up/tip down and left/right). The handle is also designed well, and it fits comfortably in hand.

Boker Nano


The Nano is perfect for normal everyday tasks, and therefore a great knife to carry around daily. It has a 440C steel blade, which I talked about earlier in the post. The Nano is designed to fit comfortably in hand, and it is also small and thin, so it fits in the pocket perfectly.

Cold Steel Voyager Medium Tanto


This knife is a beast. If you’re looking for a knife that is super durable, this is it. The Voyager has Cold Steel’s Tri-Ad lock mechanism, which is extremely strong, and that is one of the reasons this knife is so solid. The knife also has a Grivory handle, which is strong and grippy. The knife has an AUS-8 steel blade which is tough and holds an edge well.

Combat Ready Battle Cleaver


Don’t the looks of this knife scream “combat ready” to you? The Battle Cleaver has 5160 steel, so it has a pretty tough blade, and it has a full tang which adds strength to the entire knife. The Battle Cleaver also gives you a lot of steel for its price, so that’s another bonus.

Tom Anderson Scimtac


The Scimtac is the least expensive of the knives listed in this post ($19.95), but that doesn’t mean it’s any less functional. It has a 440C blade, so the knife will be able to handle a lot of usage. It also has a really nice frame lock, and offers a good grip for a great everyday carry knife.

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