Blade Show 2013: Awards & a Few Knives

Blade Show came and went, and from what I’ve heard, it was a pretty awesome weekend! Several Blade HQ team members got to go check it out, and we’ve got some updates from Atlanta to share with you. Stay tuned for more Blade Show updates on the blog and on YouTube in the coming days and weeks!

Blade Show 2013 Awards

•Overall Knife Of The Year®: Zero Tolerance 0454; (pictured below)
•American-Made Knife Of The Year®: Hogue Elishewitz EX-04;
•Imported Knife Of The Year®: Fox Knives Modras;
•Most Innovative American Design: Microtech D.O.C. Kill Switch; (pictured below)
•Most Innovative Imported Design: CRKT Ken Onion Swindle;
•Best Buy Of The Year: CRKT Endorser;
•Kitchen Knife Of The Year®: Ken Onion Chef Works;
•Investor/Collector Knife Of The Year®: Pro-Tech Newport;
•Knife Collaboration Of The Year®: Microtech Mick Strider;
•Manufacturing Quality Award: Chris Reeve Knives;
•Accessory Of The Year: CRKT Onion Survival Para-saw;
•Industry Achievement Award: American Bladesmith Society (ABS) master smith Joe Keeslar;
•Publisher’s Award: Joyce Laituri, marketing manager of Spyderco.

Custom Knife Winners:

•Best Tactical Folder: Sniper Bladeworks
•Best Fixed Blade: David Lisch;
•Yvon Vachon Best Miniature Award: Yoshio Sakauchi;
•Best Sword: David Mirabile;
•Best Damascus: John White;
•Best Art Knife: Steve Rapp;
•Best Collaboration: Bob Terzuola and Brian Fellhoelter;
•Best New Maker: David Sharp;
•Best Folder: Scott Sawby;
•Best Bowie: John White;
•Best Handle Design: E. Scott McGhee;
•Best Fighter: E. Scott McGhee;
•Best of the Rest: Steve Culver;
•Most Innovative Design: Grant and Gavin Hawk;
•Best Utility Hunter: Alan Hutchinson;
•Hugh Bartrug Best of Show Award: John White.

BLADE Magazine Cutlery Hall Of Fame: Wayne Goddard

Wayne Goddard has been making knives for 50 years now—literally. Goddard’s knives are not production knives; they are made one at a time, which means that each knife is unique. Back in 1991, Goddard produced a knife in collaboration with Spyderco that came in three different sizes (the Wayne Goddard, the Wayne Goddard Jr., and the Baby Wayne Goddard). Goddard has also spent close to 25 years as a columnist for BLADE Magazine and he has written several books, as well. Congratulations to Goddard for being BLADE Magazine’s 50th member of the Hall Of Fame!

New Knives

Here are just some of the new knives from Blade Show. You’ll see a bunch more really soon on YouTube, and some more on the blog in coming weeks.
Benchmade 7505-132 Dual Action
7505-132(Image from Benchmade)
The 7505 is Benchmade’s brand new addition to its gold class series. It can be opened manually with thumb studs, but it has a hidden automatic feature as well (hence Dual Action). The blade can be deployed automatically by pushing on the handle’s bolster. The knife has Peel-Ply textured green G10 handles, a titanium frame lock, and an M390 stainless steel blade.
Spyderco has tons of new knives coming this summer! Here are some of the many that will be coming very soon.
Spyderco Hungarian Ethnic Folding Knife
The Hungarian Ethnic folder was designed by Gabor Szakonyi. It features a liner lock and G10 handles.
Spyderco Chaparral Stepped Titanium
This new Chaparral has a CTS-XHP stainless steel blade and a back lock. This stepped version adds some nice variety to Chaparral line of Spyderco knives.
 Spyderco Double Bevel
The Double Bevel was designed by Bob Terzuola. With a Walker liner lock, VG-10 stainless steel blade, and hollow/flat grind, this is another great addition to Spyderco knives.
Spyderco Karahawk
This folder is designed by Sal Glesser, who is the founder of Spyderco. Features VG-10 stainless steel, and it is a compact knife designed for easy carry.
Spyderco Cricket Blue Nishijin
The Cricket is out in yet another variation—Nishijin. The design of this knife was inspired by the Japanese Nishijin weaving process, according to Spyderco. This weaving process was created more than 1,200 years ago in Japan.
Spyderco Serrata Stuart Ackerman Fixed Blade
spyderco-serrata-fb32gpDesigned by Stuart Ackerman, the Serrata is a very nice fixed blade. Ackerman is a New Zealander who makes exceptional practical fixed blades. The handle on this knife is especially nice, and the blade’s structure makes for top-notch cutting ability.
Spyderco Szabo Folder Black Blade
spyderco-szabo-folder-c146cfbbkpAn updated version of the Szabo, with a black blade.
Spyderco Pingo (Orange) (**Added 06/12)
Boker Plus Dark Hollow
With a 440C stainless steel blade, G-10 scales, and a solid frame lock, this folder is great for hunting, outdoor use, and everyday tasks.
Boker Plus Colubris Fixed Blade
The Boker Plus Colubris is another great design from DJ Urbanovsky. Features a full tang 440C stainless steel blade.
Microtech KillSwitch (Winner of Most Innovative American Design)
(Image from Microtech)
Click here for more from Microtech.
Zero Tolerance has some solid blades coming out, too. I’ll upload images as they come on to the website, but Ben captured it all with this video here:

00:46— ZT 0454 (Overall Knife Of The Year)
04:55— ZT 0801 Limited Edition Variant
07:34— ZT 0770 (updated edition)
09:54— ZT 0560 & 0300 New Black Stonewashed finished
11:30— Kershaw Blur 1670 Limited Edition Smoked Green.
Pictured above is the ZT 0454. The picture was made possible by Ben’s awesome filming skills, but made blurry by my less-than-stellar screen-capturing skills. My apologies. The 0454 is a 3-piece composite blade. The top piece is CPM-D2 steel, the middle is 14C28N, and the top is CPM-D2 again. It’s a great blade, and the knife has a 3D-machined carbon fiber handle. Other features of the knife include a solid titanium back spacer, a titanium lock bar, and a 3D-machined titanium clip.
There’s a lot more from Blade Show to be covered—Ben has a CRKT video from Blade Show, and more coming, I’m sure. I’ll also be trying to upload as many photos as I can as I hear about them arriving at Blade HQ.
If you still need ideas for Father’s Day, check out this post from last week.
Did any of you get to attend Blade Show? What did you think?

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