Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is coming up quick! If you’re like me, then trying to figure out what to buy for Father’s Day can be challenging. However, instead of racking your brain in the coming weeks, check out these ideas we’ve compiled for you. They’re not all knives, and none of them are gift cards. This brings me to my next point: a gift card is always an option. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

Benchmade Griptilian

An oldie but a goodie, the Griptilian is a great EDC choice for him. It’s a convenient size, and I have yet to hear something bad about the Griptilian. It has great ergos, smooth action, solid lockup, and it won’t shy away from heavy use.

Red SOG-TAC Automatic Knife

What do you get the man who has every knife ever made? A new Blade HQ exclusive, that’s what! These just came in this week, and the red color is exclusive to Blade HQ. These SOG-TACs are available in satin and black, plain and serrated, and a few different blade shapes.

Kershaw Pocketknives

Kershaw Double Cross                                             Kershaw Wild Turkey
These knives have been discontinued for a while, but they are back in stock at Blade HQ! These Damascus knives are the perfect Father’s Day gift, but if I were you, I’d wait a week or so until I bought one *cough cough, wink wink, nudge nudge, cough wink, nudge cough* if you catch my drift.


Swiss Army Knife

Even if he’s not a knife enthusiast like you, a Swiss Army Knife is right down his ally. Swiss Army Knives are compact and carry-friendly, and they are super functional. There are so many variations of these knives available with tools ranging from Phillips-head screwdrivers to wire cutters, there’s bound to be one that fits his needs.

Survival Knife

If he’s a hardcore outdoorsman, get him something that is just as hardcore as he is. A survival knife always a great option if you know he will be spending a lot of time outdoors. Here are a few great options for you:
ESEE Laser Strike
ESEE knives are excellent, not to mention they have a lifetime warranty. The Laser Strike is 10 inches in length with a 1095 blade, and the handle contains a magnesium/ferro rod and tinder tabs.
Brothers of Bushcraft
If you have any reservations about the Brothers of Bushcraft, just watch this video. You will be impressed. Wilderness survival is the theme that is woven into every aspect of this knife, which is why it functions so well. The knife also has a scraper on the butt of the knife, and a ferro rod in the sheath.
Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter
Benchmade quality mixed with a fixed blade makes for a great survival knife. The 162 Buchcrafter is just over 9 inches in length, and it has an S30V stainless steel blade.

Camping & Survival Gear

Camping season is upon us, so if he loves the outdoors, how about getting him some awesome camping gear? Blade HQ has some light, compact stoves that are perfect for carrying around anywhere. The stove pictured runs off of fuel tablets, which are included with the stove. It is also collapsible and is 5.20” x 3.78” x 1.54”—pretty small, right? Blade HQ also has Mountain House buckets, cans, and pouches of freeze-dried food, which are great options to take on any outdoor excursion.
Browse through Blade HQ’s “Outdoor & Survival Gear” section to find more options like flashlights and paracord for your camper of a man, but be sure to check out the Best Glide ASE section for awesome survival equipment including The Outdoor Mosquito Patch:
The patches help to keep mosquitos (and other biting bugs) at bay for up to 36 hours.

Shaving Accessories

There’s a certain connotation with shaving brushes; they are somehow refined yet manly at the same time. Don’t ask why, but they make me think of the guy in the Old Spice commercials (the old ones, not the new ones). If you want to get him something practical with a little pizazz, look no further than a shaving brush and some shaving soap. But don’t be surprised if he does a swan “dive” that is surprisingly graceful and defies the laws of physics shortly after shaving—that’s normal.


allett-wallet-black-inside-id-openDo his back a favor and give him an All-Ett wallet (say that 10 times fast—it’s fun, I promise). Unlike many other wallets, these are designed with comfort in mind. Because sitting on a thick wallet can cause back pain and nerve damage, All-Ett sells thin wallets that are more comfortable to carry and sit on. Even though these wallets are thin, they hold 10–24 cards, depending on the wallet.
Whatever you decide to buy, remember to spend time with him and let him know how awesome he is, too.
Stay tuned for Blade Show updates next week, and have a great weekend!

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  1. The Brothers of Bushcraft would be a great addition to my knife collection. Although the ESEE real nice too, the cutout for your finger on the blade would give nice control.

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