2016 Knife Resolutions


It’s 2016, and that means it’s time for resolutions.  I don’t care if you plan to exercise more, or eat less.  Who cares about that?  I want to know about your knife resolutions.   Everyone should be making at least one New Year’s resolution that involves their knives, or knife related product.  While you are thinking about yours, here are some of ours.

1.   This past year I have really tried to take better care of my knives.  Each time, after using my throwing knives, I do my best to clean and sharpen them appropriately.   This year I would like to keep that going.  It’s always important to take a few extra minutes to clean your knife.  No one knows what 2016 will bring, and it never hurts to have a sharpened, well taken care of knife by your side, just in case.

2.  I really want to use these next 12 months to really up my throwing game.   I can throw a star or a knife and make it stick.  But there is so much more to it than that.  I really want to hone my technique, make sure I am throwing as best I can.   Throwing the wrong way can damage your stars, and no one wants that.   I’d really like to be able to hit a moving target, or increase my distance, and I think I can do that this year.

3.  Stars are cool and all, but there is something inherently awesome about nunchaku.  Seeing those action movie stars flipping them around like it’s nothing has always left me in awe.   Learning to use Nunchaku is something I have always wanted to do, I just never took the time to learn.  Well this year will see an end to that.  I’m not saying I will be an expert, but I at least want to be able to flip with-out giving myself a concussion.

4.  Lastly, I want to be able to reward myself.  12 months may not seem long, but so much can happen in that time, and it’s important to reward yourself for those victories you do get.   I’m not saying splurge $100 bucks on a new knife every time, but a new thing of stars, or an inexpensive new automatic never broke the bank.   I’ve had my eye on a new lightning OTF for a while now, and I think this year I will reward myself with it.  I will do something impressive enough that I earn it, and I don’t feel bad about buying it.

These are just a few of our New Year’s knife resolutions.  What are some of yours?   We want to know how you will be a better knife guy or gal this year.  Let us know in the comments below!

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