Where to “Get a Knife”

Obviously our mission is to encourage the procurement of knives (legally, of course- but that’s another post). But the question “Where do I get a knife?” has been asked so many times we decided that it was time to tell you.

There are plenty of places to find knives- the local sports store, mega marts and specialty outlets. However, you pay a premium when you shop locally (both wit your time and money). That’s why we created our online network of shops like BladeHQ, Grindworx and EmergencyMatters. You can find what you’re looking for from the comfort of your easy chair and  buy with confidence knowing you’e getting a great price and exceptional service.

Check out our online shops today:

BladeHQ.com – Microtech Knives, Protech Knives, Benchmade Knives, Boker Knives, Spyderco Knives and more!

Grindworx.com – Butterfly knives, OTF Knives, Spring Assisted Knives, CRKT knives, Kershaw Knives, Benchmade Knives and more!

EmergencyMatters.com – Emergency kits, First aid kits, Mountain House, Light My Fire and many more outdoor and emergency preparedness products.

Get a Knife!

You know what goes great with a knife? A flashlght! In many cases a flashlight is just as important as a knife. In our modern world the LED flashlight has become the portbale light source of choice. If you’re looking for LED flashlight info check out LEDFlashlights.com! We have info and shopping links to popular brands like Fenix Flashlights, Surefire Flshlights and more !

Get a Light!

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