United Cutlery Willumsen Urban Tactical Blondie


This is a stellar knife for the price.

Why, you ask?

Allow me to enlighten you.

This knife has 440C stainless steel, which you get at a really good price (440C has good wear resistance and hardness). The knife also features a rock-solid frame lock, which isn’t super common on knives in the same price range. The G10 scales and the smartly-designed handle shape really complement each other and make for good gripping and easy knife control.  The Blondie is also a pretty good sized knife, but it fits well in the pocket and it has a sturdy pocket clip.

All functional perks aside, look at this knife. Isn’t the blade shape awesome?

One thing you should know about this blade is that it is designed by custom knife maker Mikkel Willumsen. Here’s a look at one of his custom knives:

custom 700 buck-a-roos

This custom knife costs several hundred dollars. It’s kind of cool to compare the two knives, though, because you can tell that they both have Willumsen’s touch in their designs. The Blondie has a bit of a custom look to it that is pretty stellar in general.

Back to the United Cutlery Blondie—it’s available in a few different blade styles. Take a look:

united-cutlery-willumsen-blondie-folder-uc2870 united-cutlery-willumsen-blondie-folder-uc2869

You can find these awesome knives at Grindworx!

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