Titan D/A OTF

Often when you talk about budget OTFs around here, people typically bring up the Lightning OTF. The Lightning is an outstanding knife, especially for its price, but there is another knife that is also really good as far as OTFs go, and that’s the Titan OTF.


The Titan sells for about $39.99, which is a steal of a deal considering it is a double action OTF (you use the button to deploy and retract the blade). This knife also has good gripping and it’s a great size for everyday carry.

Below is a field test of this knife from a while back; it shows the blade and ice breaker tip in action, and I was impressed with both. Check it out here:

(Just FYI, since this is from a while ago, the contest that is mentioned in the video is no longer going on.)

Check out this OTF and more at Grindworx!

Do you EDC an OTF? What do you carry?

4 thoughts on “Titan D/A OTF

  1. I have several otf knives but this one is bigger than any I have. Cant wait to get one! Nice job on the video…

  2. I carry a grey Titan every day in my back pocket. It is a wonderful knife. I would say everyone should carry this very handy knife.

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