Italian Stilettos: FAQ

We’ve had quite a few people call in recently to ask questions about stilettos, and I figured some of you might be wondering about the same things too, since stilettos are pretty popular on Grindworx. Below are some of the questions people have been asking. Some of these questions are pretty basic, but hopefully you’ll find out some new information in this post.

(If you don’t see the questions you have listed below, feel free to leave them in the comment section.)

Q. Are stilettos good for self-defense?

A. Despite the way they are portrayed in movies, stilettos are not good self-defense weapons. They are mostly intended for letter opening and similar tasks, or for collection purposes.

Q. What is the best stiletto for my money?

A. If you’re looking for the best stiletto for your buck, the Milano is the blade for you! This line has excellent quality, weight, and balance, and the knives look really sleek. More importantly, though, the action in these knives won’t disappoint. The Milano opens quickly and it also has a sliding safety.

Q. Are stilettos sharp on both edges of the blade?

A. Typically, stilettos are only sharp on one edge, not both. However, there are some stilettos out there that are double-edged.

Q. Should I go with a swing guard or the regular bolster lock?

A. It really depends on what you’re looking for. Some people say that the swing guard is better for those who are just starting off their collection because it has a back lock, so there are no surprises when you close the knife.

However, the bolster lock is more traditional. Many people are into stilettos in ’80s movies and want to get a similar-looking blade. If I’m describing you, a bolster lock is right down your ally.

Q. Do stilettos have any blade play?

A. Yes. Stilettos will have some blade play due to the nature of their design, but the amount of blade play will depend on the particular stiletto. This is part of the reason why stilettos are intended for lighter tasks or collectors’ items.

Many other people who call our customer service department ask about the quality, origin, and action of a given stiletto, and that of course will depend on the blade.

Do you have any other questions about stilettos that we didn’t address? Don’t forget to leave them in the comment section below, and we’ll get them answered for you. Remember to browse the awesome stilettos we have on Grindworx to find a blade that’s as sharp as you.

One thought on “Italian Stilettos: FAQ

  1. I love the lever locks. No surprises since they need to be flipped over and then pushed down on to engage the blade. I’ve bought several from blade play, only the authentic Italian models, and find them to be beautiful pieces. My all time favorite knives. Hopefully they’ll be getting some different stocks in shortly.

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