The Lightning Out-the-Front Automatic Knife

When it comes to the knife world, there are several people who are avid collectors of OTF knives. You do not need to be collector to own an out-the-front knife. If you are looking for an OTF automatic knife that is inexpensive, reliable, and at a price where you won’t feel bad if you abuse a little, then there is only one knife that pops into my head: the Lightning OTF.

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Sure, they might not look as good as a Piranha or a Microtech, but you can’t pick one of those up for less than $100. Normally, when it comes to double action out-the-front knives, the standard starting price is roughly $200.00. With this said, you can’t go wrong when buying a Lightning. Believe it or not the action on this knife is fairly comparable to some of the more costly knives. From the aluminum handle to the smooth out-the-front action, I highly recommend this knife to anyone looking for an OTF that will not leave them poor and destitute. Made in Taiwan (ahem–the quality of this knife is far above China-grade quality), the Lightning can withstand hours of finger-pushing action abuse. There are tons of high quality knives that are being made in Taiwan of late. This is a knife that everyone should own: either for their collection or as their EDC (everyday carry).

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