Knives in Resident Evil: Retribution

Have you ever thought about what knives would come in handy if there was a zombie apocalypse, due to an outbreak of the T Virus that was formulated by the evil Umbrella Corporation? Or did it ever cross your mind to consider what steely blade you should wield if you woke up one morning, and whilst in the middle of your toast and jam, a blood sucking, flesh eating, pile of nightmare invaded your home and turned your life upside down? Yeah? Me too. And so did Paul W. S, Anderson, the director of Resident Evil: Retribution. It is the fifth installment of series, based on the video game, that is reaching a Land Before Time status with its numerous and semi pointless, yet thrilling, additions to the series.

My novice movie critique aside, this movie features some of the toughest apocalypse ready blades that are available. Not only that, but they are among the primary weapons used by the characters in some gnarly fight scenes.


 The primary character Alice is carrying her traditional Kukri blades. They are a little strange looking–as if a boomerang had a lovechild with a machete–but they get the job done. They tend to have a good weight and a surprisingly comfortable feel in the hand. The curve in the blade makes it adaptable for many situations: whether it is vigilante bushwhacking your way through the jungles of Peru or saving your life from the living dead shell of what used to be your next-door neighbor. There is also a smaller version of the Kukri blade that is used by the character Sheva.

MercWorx Goliath

 This beefy, glorious slice of kick *** pie, is called the MecWorx Goliath. I have not had any personal experience with this knife: I can only assume it could stunt double as a small horse. Despite its size the reviews have nothing but good things to say about the durability, the ergonomic handle, and the overall toughness of this knife. It is 15 3/4” in total length, made with S30V steel, and a weighs 24 oz.

Tops Steel Eagle 107C Fixed Blade at

This is the TOPS Knives Steel Eagle 107C with a serrated top. This is an extremely durable 1095 HC stainless steel blade with its full tang design. With the overall length being 13”, this is a more than appropriate knife that will see you through most any situation you may find yourself in.

 SOG Bowie 2 S1T at

The character Jill carries something in the movie that looks eerily similar to this SOG Bowie knife. It is smaller and lighter than the other monsters used in the movie. However you cannot go wrong with the traditional Bowie blade design and the tough AUS 8 steel. This one would be a more suitable EDC (everyday carry). Especially if you happened to stumble across a swarm of micro sized zombies who were just finishing off their small buffalo carcass. 

With Halloween upon us and the end of the world rapidly approaching… These are the knives that have been deemed suitable (by Hollywood) to protect you, your loved ones, and your beloved collection of John Wayne memorabilia. Good luck pilgrim. 

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