The Avengers Knife


Whenever I am watching a movie, I try to spot out knives that are used in the film. The Avengers wasn’t the easiest to spot out manufactured knives (knives were thrown), but custom knives were a little easier to identify. The only knife that I got a good look at in the movie was Hawkeye’s knife. It took some research to find this knife that I have never seen before, but with a little research, I found that it is a Busse Custom knife. The other knife I could find was just a throwing knife, but you don’t get enough of a glimpse of it to depict what it was. 
Jerry Busse did a beautiful job on making this custom dagger. There was a lot of thought and effort put into making it unique and to fit Hawkeye. Back in February 2011 he was sent a small piece of clothing and was told to make a dagger designed to fit with it. He wouldn’t speak much of what it was exactly for, and everyone was clueless. Here is what he had to work with:

Now, if someone asked me what this was, I would be clueless. However, if you have seen the movie, it might be a lot more obvious when putting two and two together. After several sketches on what the knife should look like, he came up with this as a prototype:

At first look, you can’t really appreciate all of the small details in this knife. Busse did a great job incorporating arrows into the knife. The above picture is just a prototype with black canvas handles, but looking over the details, you will find lots of work was put into producing such a knife. Looking at the flats between the grinds, it resembles the same shape of an arrow. Also, you can see the same shape on the cloth on the bolster adding more to the arrow look of the blade. Slightly farther down, you will see a rounded shape, that is the same kind of bulls eye that you will see used in archery.

Seeing more of what Hawkeye’s costume is going to look like, Busse mixed the prototype up a little bit to make it match up better:

As you can see, there were a few different designs used in perfecting the kind of texture to put on the handles of the knife. I personally think that the color the ended up using in the movie gives the knife a lot more character than the original prototype.

Jerry Busse did a great job on making this knife. So much so that they used both designs in the movie and the people making the movie absolutely loved it and couldn’t be more pleased. These were also said to have been seen at BLADE Show 2012. Through my eyes, this knife represents the whole movie.

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