Knife-TECH Automatic SwitchBlade

For an EDC (everyday carry) I love a blade that is between 3-4 inches. Honestly I feel that by having a bigger blade I’m able to use the knife in more situations than a knife has a blade shorter than 3 inches.

Knife-Tech Automatic Switchblade Knife (Serr) OpenKnife-Tech Automatic Switchblade Knife (Serr) Closed

The Knife-TECH is a perfect example of a blade that gives you a variety of uses. Boasting a robust 3.4 inch blade that is partially serrated and has a clip point will enable you to really use this knife. I’ve always been a fan of serrations for box cutting. The serrations that come on the Knife-Tech are super aggressive! On top of that, the clip point with the edge creates a narrow tip without compromising strength in the blade.

Another great feature of the knife is the handle. The combination of the skeletonized handle and the jimping provide a source of excellent grip creating a sense of safety while handling the knife. The clip also errs on safety due to keeping the carry to tip down: In the off chance that the blade would peak, you won’t be slicing your hand as you reach for your knife. Another neat feature is the recessed firing button. This eliminates the need to have a safety. Yet it gives you the peace of mind that the knife won’t be firing in your pocket.
I also like the fact that the whole knife is Allen Screw constructed.

No frills or anything. Just one solid, easy to maintain knife.

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  1. Though I’m new to throwing I found this knife easy to throw after I fiuergd out how. I stand about 12-13 ft away and throw by the tip keeping the blade and arm in line with each other. In other words don’t bend or flick your wrist. The knife will spin as slowly as possible this way which is more forgiving. It will rotate 1/2 turn in about 12 ft. I tried the new spin technique but no luck. As for the knife it spins nice and slow because it’s big. Yes, it’s a bit of a challenge for small people but my wife can throw it just as well as I can. The blade is very strong and sharpens easily after you ding it on rocks. It would take a lot to bend it. I have batoned with it to split wood and it is tough. The grip is ok but not the best as a replacement for a general purpose knife. Will work in a pinch or survival situation. I wish the rope was orange as it’s hard to find if you miss the target. The sheath is decent. I pulled the strap off because it stayed in the sheath well without it.I was hiking with some friends kids and I stopped near a dead tree, pulled out my knife and whipped it into the tree with a solid thud. The kids all went Whoa! Can I try? Knife throwing is a fun hobby but please don’t throw at live trees. Respect the forest and teach your kids to respect it too. There are plenty of dead trees around. Get three, it’s more fun. Thanks.

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