Sweet Automatic Knives Under $20

There are those days when you want to spend $100+ on a sweet blade, and there are all the other days in between when you want to buy a knife, but you still want to have enough money to buy food. When you’re having one of those days, get one of these sweet automatic knives. They’re all under $20, and they’re sure a lot of fun. Check them out:

Cipher D/A Automatic Knife

This automatic knife is not expensive by any means, but it’s got some pretty awesome features. You can deploy the blade by pushing the thumb stud—like you would on a normal folding knife—or you can press the hidden bolster to release it. These knives have a 2.9-inch blade and total 6.9 inches when open.











Peanut II Automatic Knife

The Peanut II is a bit smaller—its blade is 1.9 inches in length and it totals just 5.5 inches overall when open. It’s a great size and weight for everyday carry.










Juggernaut D/A Automatic Knife

Just like the Ciper, the Juggernaut can be opened with thumb studs or with a hidden firing bolster. It’s a little on the large side and totals 8.2 inches with a 3.6-inch blade.












G-Factor Dual Action Automatic Tanto

Another dual action automatic knife, the G-Factor is an excellent knife to add to your collection. It can also be deployed with the thumb studs or by a secret scale release. The overall length on this knife is 7.25 inches and the blade totals 3.1 inches in length.



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