Why are LionSteel Knives So Awesome?

LionSteel just got even cooler at Blade Show this year. The Italian company came away with a well-earned “Manufacturing Quality Award.” This was pretty groundbreaking considering the recent history of the award, so I thought it might be interesting to take a closer look at LionSteel and all the amazing things the company has accomplished to get to this point. LionSteel makes outstanding knives and is very deserving of the “Manufacturing Quality Award.” Here’s a look at LionSteel and the awesomeness it encompasses.

What Sets LionSteel Apart?

Receiving the award for manufacturing quality is a pretty big deal, so what did LionSteel do to set itself apart from other companies? I was curious, so I asked our awesome product manager and here’s what he had to say:
“They are innovative. They push the boundaries of what is possible in knife manufacturing—they use new manufacturing techniques and applications.”
Considering LionSteel rocks at innovation in general, it seemed appropriate to look at some of our favorite LionSteel innovations. Take a look:

LionSteel’s Innovations

Integral Handle
LionSteel was the first company to introduce the Integral  in a production knife via the LionSteel SR-1, which won the “Most Innovative Imported Design” award at Blade Show in 2010:
The Integral is unique because it utilizes just one piece of material for the handle—you can find the SR-1 with a titanium or aluminum handle at Blade HQ.
This is a screen shot from a reallllly old Blade HQ YouTube video, but it shows a little more clearly that the handle is made out of one piece of material.
Here’s what LionSteel says about the SR-1 on their site:
“The Lion Steel SR-1 knife is the first production folding knife to include a full integral titanium handle! The process to create an integral handle in titanium is both time consuming and requires extensive machinery tool investments. The result is a stunning knife that is both extremely attractive yet incredibly strong.”
RotoBlock Safety System
The RotoBlock uses a pivoting “button” that keeps the lockbar in place so that it cannot move. Many people say that the RotoBlock basically converts the SR-1 folding knife into a fixed blade, so you know that the RotoBlock provides really solid lockup.
LionSteel TiDust
(Images from LionSteel’s Facebook page and LionSteel’s website)
This beauty helped LionSteel win the “Manufacturing Quality Award” at the 2014 Blade Show. As you can see, it’s like nothing you’ve seen before in the knife community. The handle is made with something called DMLS technology, which stands for Direct Metal Laser Stintering. The TiDust is the first knife ever to be made with DMLS.
This is how the technology is described on LionSteel’s website:
Starting from the powder of titanium, through with the technique of selective fusion, we build the solid handle of the knife. The main advantage lies in the fact that you are able to get products using high-performance materials but dramatically reducing the weight.”
The inventive DMLS handle is just one evidence of the innovation LionSteel has accomplished and has been accomplishing all along.

LionSteel’s Collaborations

LionSteel has plenty of innovation to show for itself, but the company has also collaborated with some of the biggest brands in the knife industry. Here are a few of the knives LionSteel has produced for other companies:
Spyderco LionSpy
CRKT Hi Jinx (Overall Knife of the Year at Blade Show 2014) – Designed by Ken Onion, manufactured by LionSteel
DPx Hest – Designed by Robert Young Pelton, manufactured by LionSteel
(LionSteel has manufactured other knives for Dpx Gear, but the Hest is one of our favorites)
LionSteel definitely does it right. With constant innovation, quality materials, and sleek designs, you really can’t go wrong with a LionSteel knife. What do you like about LionSteel knives?
Be sure to get your LionSteel knives and all your knives at Blade HQ!

2 thoughts on “Why are LionSteel Knives So Awesome?

  1. Great Post! I’ve been testing the waters with Lionsteel. I just recently purchased the SR-1, and what can I say it’s great knife. I suggest that anyone who is looking for a new knife take a looksie!

  2. Not quite sure about the awesomeness that would be to clean the TiDust. Looks like it takes a long time to get all the dirt from the field out of that grip.

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