Regal Flipper Butterfly Knife Balisong

I always talk to customers who are looking into getting flipping. They read reviews, watch YouTube videos, and talk to friends about what butterfly knife to get. Almost always they are told to get a high end flipper. The problem the higher end flippers work amazing hands down, but that requires a lot of commitment just to try out a new hobby. I found that a good budget friendly flipper is the way to go.

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There are many out there that would fit the bill for a budget flipper but I prefer the Regal Flipper Butterfly Knife. The Regal has a nice, smooth action. Minimal play in the handles and the fact that you can adjust the screws increases its value than the other butterfly knives in the same price range. The weight on it makes it a solid choice for those that want to move up to a higher end balisong later on in their flipping career. The Regal offers cosmetic choices as well as far as what type of insert you would like, plain or serrated blade, etc. Search out the Regal and I’m confident that you will be pleasantly surprised.

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