New! Limited Edition Boker Kalashnikov

Without a doubt, the Boker Kalashnikov is one of the most popular knives on Grindworx. It really has everything you could want: quality at an affordable price and a super powerful deployment system that’s also fun to use. The Kalashnikov is available in just about every color and with several different blade shapes, but there’s one new version of the Kalashnikov that’s got our attention over here at Grindworx:


This is the Boker Kalashnikov Limited Edition Tactical Dagger. It has a Damascus dagger blade that looks awesome. Damascus is by far my favorite steel of all time because each blade is unique, and the designs always look so amazing and intricate. If you didn’t already know, Damascus is made from at least two different kinds of steel that are folded together over and over again. This Damascus blade has 192 layers of steel. Isn’t that crazy?

This is a limited edition Kalashnikov, so be sure to get yours soon!

(*Due to the nature of Damascus, each pattern on the knife blade will vary slightly from the one pictured.)

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