Butterfly Flipping in Action

Butterfly knives themselves are awesome, but you buy them to flip, right (with the exception of customs)? Well, since flipping is much easier to show in video form, I thought I’d share a video with you guys. It’s from the Blade HQ YouTube Channel—KnifeHQ—from about a year ago, but it deserves more attention! Check out some great flipping action from our friend, HonorHer:

He uses a Kimura VI in the video. Right now at Blade HQ we have the Kimura 4,7, and 8. The Kimura series is made up of some really great balisongs at even greater prices. The knives have smooth, fluid action and are made up of quality materials—what more could you ask for in a balisong?

Check out this balisong and more at Blade HQ!

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