Magnificent Butterfly Balisongs with Inlays

We just got a couple of new butterfly knives in this week! We are digging them—take a look!


The Magnificent Butterfly Balisong is a great budget-friendly knife. If you’re looking for something that looks sleek and awesome but won’t break the bank, look no further than these blades.

The knives pictured above are the same from blade shape to handle thickness with the exception of the handle inlays; the butterfly on top has acrylic abalone inlays, and the butterfly on the bottom has white pearlex inlays.

These knives have dual tang pins, which helps reduce blade wear and gives the knife a tighter lockup. The Magnificent Butterfly Balisong knives also have solid stainless steel handles, a T-latch on the bite handle, adjustable sandwich construction, and they each come with an ABS sheath. The weight totals 4.03 oz.—a great butterfly weight.

One final thing to note: Make sure to maintain the screws on these knives, especially the pivot screws. Keep the screws tight, and also recommend using a threadlocker on the screws, as well.

Get your Magnificent Butterfly Balisong from Grindworx! If you’ve got a butterfly with screw construction, be sure to get your threadlocker from Grindworx, too.

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