Frank Beltrame Stilettos

Frank Beltrame makes many of the best-selling stilettos here on Grindworx. Why do you guys like them so much? Take a look and see:

frank-b-11in-red-pearlex-stiletto-bayo frank-b-11in-blue-pearlex-stiletto-2 frank-b-stiletto-9in-red-pearlex-bayo frankb-humpback-honey-horn-bayo



Aside from their obvious stellar look, these knives are amazing—they have the best overall quality and it shows in every inch of these knives from materials to function. These stilettos also fit great in hand and are beautiful works of art.

Frank Beltrame, who is a knife maker in Italy, has been in the industry for more than 40 years, and his expertise really shines through in his work.

Everyone needs a good stiletto for their knife collection! Get yours at Grindworx, and be sure to try out a Frank Beltrame stiletto!

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