Celebrity Butterfly Knife Enthusiasts

It’s always a cool feeling when you find out that one of your favorite celebrities is into the same hobby you are.  In this case, butterfly knives.  In looking around, I was rather surprised at some of the knife enthusiasts I found.  I expected big burly starts like Sylvester Stallone and Chuck Norris.  Instead, I found that several female stars are big fans of flipping.

Angelina Jolie has always been a leading lady, with action flicks like Tomb Raider, Salt, and Wanted under her belt, it should have been no surprise that this A-lister is a collector and avid flipper of butterfly knives.   Apparently, she has been collecting them for years.  In this scene from Conan, Angie shows off her insane skills.  The video even slows down to show you just how awesome she really is.  Recently she has taken to more family friendly films like Kung Fu Panda, and Maleficent, but apparently that doesn’t mean she has stopped being a butt kicker behind the scenes.   With Salt 2 in post-production, let’s hope we get to see Angie bring those butterfly skills to her characters.

Next we have Chloe Moretz.  Name doesn’t sound too familiar?  She was hit girl in the Kick Ass films.  And apparently, hit girl really packs a punch (every single pun intended).  It’s one thing to be practicing flipping for years, but it’s even more awesome when you realize that she was only 10 years old at the time of filming the first movie.  There is something truly “kick-ass” about a ten year old who can confidently, and accurately flip a butterfly.  In this clip from the DVD extras, at the end, you can see Chloe flipping her knife like a pro.  She is on impressive kid.


Who are some of your favorite celebrity butterfly enthusiasts?  Comment below and let us know, we love to see who inspires you to flip!  And make sure to jump over and grab a new butterfly knife for yourself.

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