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batman-310685_640Ok everyone, Batman Arkham Knight is only 2 weeks away, and I don’t think it’s humanly possible for me to be more excited!  This game looks freaking amazing.  I keep seeing things that say “Be the Batman” and I thought to myself “I wonder how I really could be the Batman”.  Well, after looking around, I have found some pretty awesome gear.  I don’t think I will be quite equipped to be the hero Gotham deserves, but I can get pretty close (or at least make an awesome cosplay).  If you are a Batman fan, you have to check this stuff out.

First off we have the Blades USA Black Leather Arm Cuffs.  These things look like they were used by Batman himself.  These awesome arm cuffs feature 6 steel blades that are capable of cutting through anything the Riddler can throw at you.  With elastic arm bands, and leather strap, these Cuffs make sure to stay put, and stay comfy.  Made with durable leather, these are just too awesome to ignore.  They really give you the “Dark Knight” feel.  Take your Batman cosplay to the next level with these bad boys.


Next I found the Black BatFlip Ninja Throwing Stars.  What is Batman without his Batarangs?  Well..a super-rich ninja vigilante, but still, you’ve got to have the Batarangs, they just complete the outfit.  These throwing stars are made from stainless steel, so rest assured, they are durable, and reliable.  These are sharp, and they are not a toy, so treat them as such.  Great for target practice in the backyard.  I personally own these stars, and I love them.  They are an awesome conversation piece, and they really make you feel like the Batman.  They are super affordable, and even more awesome to own.


Lastly, we have the Black Arrow OTF Automatic.  Maybe you are feeling less “Dark Knight” and more “Clown Prince Of Crime”?  Some men just want to watch the world burn.  The Black Arrow OTF Automatic is the knife used be the Joke himself in The Dark Knight, you know the one.  This knife is definitely not to be used to threaten a room full of Gotham’s richest, but it does make an awesome EDC, plus it’s a quality OTF.   When you whip it out, you can tell people “It’s the one the Joker used”.


These are just a few options when it comes to the awesome cosplay accessories offered, so be sure to check through everything, as you may just stumble upon that perfect piece to finish your costume.

So what do you think?  Aren’t these pieces perfect to help you “Be the Batman”?  Let us know what else you would use in the comments below.

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