Blade Show 2015 Awards

Well the 2015 Blade Show has come to a close.  We can’t help and feel a little sad, but at least we got some really great stuff this year, stuff that will help tide us over until next year.  Between all the booths, vendors, and designers, there was so much to do, see, and experience, it’s hard to choose a “Favorite” part.  But one thing is for sure, we always look forward to the Knife of the Year Awards, and this year we were not let down.  Below is the list of winners.  All exceptional knives and designers, make sure to keep an eye on these knives because, when they do come out, they are guaranteed to fly off the shelves.  We grabbed pictures of most of the knives, but some of them you will just have to wait and see.  Check out all the winners below.
Overall Knife of the Year:  LionSteel T.R.E (Three Rapid Exchange)
Lionsteel has been making quality knives for awhile now, but this knife takes them to a whole new level.  This is a fine quality knife, with tons of options to personalize.  You can pretty much make this knife your own.  Any knife enthusiast worth his salt should be excited about this knife.  To say “This knife is going places” is an understatement, we just hope of the places it’s going, is in our pocket.
American-Made Knife of the Year:  Zero Tolerance 0999
Unfortunately, we could not track down and pictures of this awesome knife.  Not to be confused with the Kershaw 0999, this knife won’t be out until sometime next year.  As of right now, supposedly, it will sell for around $750.  But seeing as we have a while until we see this quality knife in stores, that could be subject to change.  Keep checking back for more info on this awesome ZT.
Imported Knife of the Year: Spyderco Nirvana
When you look at this knife, there is no question, this is an expertly designed knife, worthy of the award it was given.  One piece, titanium handle, graphic line designed, and spidey hole make this a beautiful knife.  It is a bit heavy to hold, but it just proves this knife is ready for some hard work.
Most Innovative American Design: Koenig Zenaida
Just looking at this knife, you can see why it won this award.  It is just a handsome knife to look at.  But it goes beyond that.  It’s dovetail mechanism allows the knife to be assembled and dis-assembled with out any screws or traditional fasteners.  Koenig utilized a really unique design, a design all knife enthusiasts should take notice of.
Most Innovative Imported Design: Fox Knives Desert Fox
With it’s sturdy build, and intrepid design, this knife is a survivors knife.  Named after World War II German field marshall Erwin Rommel, nicknamed Desert Fox.  Skilled in desert warfare, this knife lives up to it’s namesake.  Keep an eye on this knife, and see first hand why this fixed blade won Most Innovative Imported Design.
Best Buy of the Year: Spyderco Byrd Knife Cara Cara 2
Selling for only $54.95, it’s no wonder this knife won the Best Buy of the Year award.  Spyderco makes a great knife, and now for an even greater price.  Get this reliable knife, with out spending a fortune.  This knife makes a great gift for the collector looking to add something affordable and durable to their collection.  This knife is also available today, and you can get it for $32.95, even cheaper than before.  Grab it now and get dad something truly great for Fathers day.
Kitchen Knife of the Year: Kai USA Shun Limted Edition Chef’s Knife
Look at this knife!  It’s just impressive to look at, and even even better to use.  It’s beautiful design will bring an added sense of class to any kitchen its part of.  Plus, its an incredible kitchen knife.  Slicing through all manner of food, you can purchase this knife knowing it will be in your kitchen for years to come.  Forget ordering pizza, you will look forward to using this knife every chance you get.  The only problem you will have is trying to decide who gets to use it.  Maybe you should get 2, just to be on the safe side.
Investor/Collector Knife of the Year:  Pro-Tech Warenski Ultimate Godfather
Protech has already given us the godfather, an awesome, hefty OTF that has a place in the pocket of anyone who enjoys spring assisted knives.  But they are taking it one step further with the Ultimate Godfather.  It’s looking to be a great knife, improving on all areas of the original godfather.  Read more about it here.
Knife Collaboration of the Year:  RMJ Tactical/Bawidamann Blades
Bawadamann has some awesome knife designs, so take that and add RMJ tactical and you get something one of a kind.  We love when knife makers collaborate to bring us something we have never seen before.  There is just something about 2 minds coming together, collaborating, and producing something unique.  We are hoping to see more from these 2, because we just can’t get enough.
Manufacturing Quality Award: Chris Reeve Knives
Made in Idaho, Chris Reeve makes some absolutely profound knives, including a personal favorite, the Sebenza .  So it’s great to see them get the recognition they deserve.  This is an awesome company, producing quality knives.  See below for more Chris Reeve.
Accessory of the Year: Wicked Edge Generation 3 Pro
Designed for precision, and ease of use, the Wicked Edge 3 Pro boasts the latest technological advancements from wicked edge.  The price tag may be a little hefty, but it is looking to be worth every penny.
People’s Choice Knife of the Year:  Taylor Brands Schrade SCHF36 Frontier Knife
Fan favorite this year, this fixed blade is a continuation in a line of dependable fixed blades.  It’s no wonder this knife was a convention favorite.  Made of high carbon steel, this knife will stand up to pretty much anything the adventurer can throw at it.
Industry Achievement Award: Shepherd Hills Cutlery
Shephard Hills Cutlery boasts a beautiful collection of knives.  If you haven’t, head over and check out their old west collection, designed by Linda Karst.  They are a beautiful collection that tell a rich story.
Publishers Award: Elephant Protection Association
This is a great organization to get behind.  Working hard to stay up to date on Ivory laws, while protecting African Elephants, they are a phenomenal organization working for an even better cause.  Head over and donate today.  Keep this cause going.
BLADE Magazine Cutlery Hall-Of-Fame Inductee: Chris Reeve
As we mentioned above, Chris Reeve designs some amazing knives.  Durable, quality, there is no question he deserves his place in the Cutlery Hall-Of-Fame.  If you have not seen his work, you are missing out on something amazing.  Check out his stuff, and add one of of his amazing designs to your collection.
So what do you think?  Do you agree with all the awards this year?  Who would you have chosen instead?  Did you get the chance to see the awards in person?  Let us know all of it and more in the comments below.

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