AKC Shot Puller


AKC makes some stellar stilettos, but I just discovered this gem that while stiletto-esque has a slight twist. The Shot Puller is a lever lock that was made in Italy. When situated in an upright position, like in the picture, the lever functions as a safety. However when the lever is pushed, it deploys the blade (when the knife is closed). This knife has a pretty unique shape, and the clip point blade is a really nice addition that you don’t see super often on Italian-style knives. Overall, the Shot Puller is 8 inches long, but closed, it’s about 4 inches long—the perfect size for an EDC. All of these things aside, the Shot Puller looks really classy with its stag handles, and it is a beautiful and unique Italian knife that would improve on any knife collection.

Get  yours at Grindworx, but be sure to browse through our other Italian-style knives! They rock, too!

2 thoughts on “AKC Shot Puller

  1. I own this knife and its one of my favorites. Its got a beautiful stag handle, which sometimes you get one thats not matched. Definitely recommend it.

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