More Holiday Gift Ideas (of different price ranges)

If you have a friend or family member who shares your affinity for balisong culture, I’ve got some more gift ideas that are sure to get them excited about flipping. And hey, even if your friend or family member doesn’t particularly enjoy flipping, I’ve got ideas for them, too. Take a look:

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Custom Butterfly Knives


If you’re looking for a gift for a person who is just plain obsessed with butterfly knives, do them a favor and get a custom butterfly knife. There is a nice selection of outstanding custom butterfly knives at Blade HQ, so head on over to the site and check them out.


Microtech Tachyon II


If you’re getting a gift for an avid flipper, the Microtech Tachyon II is a great way to go. The Tachyon II has excellent action and has really high quality. We just got a few of these brass Tachyons in, so if you’re on the fence about getting one, I’d do it now because they will go quickly.

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Bear and Son Balisongs


Bear and Son butterfly knives are a great option if you aren’t looking to spend too much money, but still want something good.There are lots of Bear and Son butterfly knives to choose from.


BB Barfly


This is a great gift if you want to give a fun or silly gift to someone who isn’t necessarily into flipping. This butterfly with a bottle opener could be the spark of interest they need to become interested in flipping.


What butterfly knives will you be buying this holiday season?

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