Zombie Gear for Halloween

zombie gear

Halloween is coming up quick! In just a few short days, there will be costumes and candy galore (unless you’ve already eaten that candy you were saving for the trick-or-treaters, that is). However, there are just as many creepy Halloween creatures as there are festive activities. You’ve got Dracula, werewolves, ghosts, Frankenstein’s monster, mummies, witches, and my personal favorite: zombies. Zombies are kind a big deal these days what with The Walking Dead TV show and everything. Zombies are also a big deal on Grindworx, if you hadn’t noticed. At Grindworx.com, you can find practically every zombie product under the sun.

With All Hallows Eve coming up, it seemed appropriate to highlight some killer zombie gear (pun intended)! Here are some of our favorite zombie products:


Ka-Bar Zombie Mule

ka-bar-zombie-mule-folder-02-3058This Ka-Bar is all you need to fend off the zombies this Halloween. It’s actually fairly heavy duty and comes to 9.125 inches in length overall. The actual blade is just 3.875 inches long, but it can handle anything your everyday zombie throws at you. Possibly the best part of this knife is the zombie green handle, because everyone knows that zombies hate zombie green.





United Cutlery Zombie Target

united-cutlery-zombie-getaway-neon-target-throwingIn the event of a zombie apocalypse, you want to have done your target practice. This zombie target can help you get super good aim for taking out those zombies. Honestly, probably the best thing you can do to improve your odds of survival in an apocalypse is to be prepared, and the first step toward that is getting this zombie target!





Biohazard Hero’s Edge Zombie Throwing Knife Set

Grindworx-throwing-knives-3pcs-biohazard-wrap-a-8066-3aIt doesn’t do much good to have a zombie target if you don’t have any knives. This is probably my favorite set of zombie throwing knives. Each knife is 9 inches long, which is a good length. If you read my post on choosing the best throwing knives for beginners, then you know that any knife that’s 7–8 inches long is likely to just bounce back at you if it doesn’t stick in the target. Nine inches gives you a little more real estate to work with, so it’s great for practicing. The set also includes three knives, so you’ll get three throws in before you have to pause and retrieve those knives again. Disadvantage: biters.



Zombie Nick Knife Sharpener and Whistle

zombie-nick-sharpener-whistle-exp55I’m not going to lie to you; I don’t know exactly what this is supposed to be, but I think it’s awesome. I’m thinking it’s supposed to look like a zombie—ya know, since it’s a zombie sharpener and everything. That’s just a guess, though.

This sharpener has diamond rods on one side and ceramic rods on the other. You can tell just by looking that the sharpener on the left is white and the one on the right is black, which will help you to remember which side is which. Just a few pulls through the sharpener should be enough to sharpen most of your knives.

Oh, and if you’re ever trapped in the middle of a swarm of zombies and you need backup quick, don’t worry; this sharpener also doubles as a whistle! Give it a quick blow and wait for help to arrive.


Marksman Zombie Splat Slingshot Kit

marksman-slingshot-zombie-splat-3061zIf knives just aren’t your thing, don’t worry; there are always sling shots. (I’m pretty sure sling shots are fun no matter how old you are.) This sling shot set comes with 16 glass marbles to help get you zombie prepped.





Zombie Killer Throwing Cards

blade-play-throwing-cards-black-frontIf you want throwing knives that are a little less traditional, consider getting yourself some of these sweet Zombie throwing cards. They’ve got sharpened edges and measure 2.3”x 3.5”.






Wartech Biohazard Survival Kukri

biohazard-zombie-survival-gear-fixed-h-4858-gn2-green-zombie-hunterOut of all the products listed above, this one’s definitely screams “zombie” the most. I mean, look at that beast of a blade! This is one knife that will keep the biters away during a zombie apocalypse. This knife is 15.5 inches long overall and it has a 10.75-inch blade.







What’s your favorite piece of zombie gear? Be sure to check out these products and more at Grindworx!

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