Spyderco’s Sweet New Steel | SHOT Show 2017

SHOT Show 2017 Spyderco Variety

SHOT Show 2017 | Spyderco’s Sweet New Steel

Spyderco is always a focal point of any of the industries trade shows, and SHOT Show 2017 was no different. Compression locks were the theme of the night, as they introduced nearly 10 new models with the reverse liner lock mechanism.
Come with us as we check out Spyderco’s new lineup announced at SHOT Show 2017:

Most Exciting Spyderco Knives | SHOT Show 2017

If you have seen the Ouroboros, you are familiar with Paul Alexander’s work. Well, he is back at it again with a new knife design for Spyderco. This time it is a flipper with a compression lock, the Spyderco Sliver. 

The Spyderco Sliver | SHOT Show 2017
The Spyderco Sliver | SHOT Show 2017

Next let’s take a look at the very cool, very appropriately named Spyderco Q Ball. Named for the ceramic ball bearing that is the heart of its locking mechanism, the Q Ball is a combination of extreme cutting performance, compact size, and a silky-smooth action.
The Spyderco Q Ball | SHOT Show 2017
The Spyderco Q Ball | SHOT Show 2017

And lastly for Spyderco, let’s talk about the Hanan. Another very exciting compression lock flipper, the Hanan is a Southard designed knife. The classy overall look, and the flowing lines are sure to make this a beautiful addition to your collection.
The Spyderco Hanan | SHOT Show 2017
The Spyderco Hanan | SHOT Show 2017

Everything Else Spydie at SHOT | SHOT Show 2017

Check out our comprehensive booth review with Eric Glesser if you simply can’t get enough Spyderco:

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