Pimp Your Knife: Halloween Edition & Giveaway!

***Congrats to Joe Hagerty, proud owner of a new, awesome Boker Nano! Joe, check your email for information regarding your prize!

 Halloween-Pimped Knives

These pimped knives belong to Anthony, a man of good taste. He’s super awesome and allowed me to show these knives to you all. You may have seen these sweet blades already; Anthony submitted this photo to Knife Thursday last year, but it is so stellar I wanted to share it with you guys, too.
Anthony wanted some Halloween knives because his wedding anniversary is on Halloween. He had tuffthumbz (A.K.A. Geoff Blauvelt) modify both knives, but it was Anthony’s idea to make the candy corn knife, which he carries only on Halloween. The candy corn knife is a Spyderco Resilience and the black and orange knife is a Spyderco Chicago.
I personally love the candy corn knife; it’s such a creative idea that was effectively transferred to knife form. Geoff certainly delivered with these blades—I’m pretty sure there’s nothing the man can’t do.
It’s fun getting to look at someone’s awesome Halloween knives, but wouldn’t you like the chance to own one?

blog giveaway boker nano orange black serr pumpkin

To celebrate Halloween (and knife pimping), we modified one classic orange Boker Nano and gave it a black blade to make it look Halloween-esque. The great thing about this knife is that the black and orange gives the knife a Halloween touch, but it isn’t so much that you can’t carry the knife the rest of the year.
Let’s talk about what you want to know…

How do you win?

It’s super easy! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Like this post
  2. Share this post
  3. Leave a comment telling us what your EDC will be on Halloween day. This is super important: You will need to comment at the bottom of this actual blog post to enter the giveaway, not Facebook or any other social media site.

The giveaway will run through this weekend and we will draw the winner first thing on Monday morning (Oct. 28). Only one entry per person. Pumpkins not included. : )
Good luck!

41 thoughts on “Pimp Your Knife: Halloween Edition & Giveaway!

  1. I’ll be EDC’ing my trusty little S&W S.W.A.T folder. It may not be a very expensive knife but it hasn’t failed me yet.

  2. My normal EDC is a ZT 0301 and I’m ashamed to say I don’t have a good Halloween knife. I do have a vintage original Becker Necker I made an orange Kydex sheath for, I guess that will have to do until I win an awesome Halloween knife! LOL

  3. My edc knives I will be carrying for Halloween are a Paramilitary 2 and my Benchmade tanto barrage. As far as others I will be carrying my Leatherman juice c2, Style CS, and a Fenix PD35 =)

  4. I will be EDC’ing my Frankensk’line Kershaw 1760ORCKT Skyline (orange G10 handle with DLC blade transplanted from a 1760BRNCKT). I think it’s a very good Halloween knife!

  5. Count me in!
    I’ll be carrying my only knife this Halloween, a Southard flipper, and I might try to make an orange scale for it.

  6. I’ll EDC my Cold Steel Talwar (The 4 inch, because I don’t need to compensate for lack of a……Twizler)and a Leatherman micra (because one sharp thing just isn’t enough for me on Halloween). I’ll work a Nebo Redline flashlight in there too.

  7. I will EDC Swiss Army. be dad need a need tools for kid help them cutting there straw for their drink at restaurant.

  8. boker groovy and benchmade 45… woulda been my blackout and 45 but i gotta send it back to kershaw, saaaaaaaaaad panda

  9. My EDC will be the CRKT McGinnis Tuition. It’s a nice little non-threatening folder I picked up for social events. I figure if I’m going to be partying, I don’t need a knife people are going to be scared of. That’s what the clown mask and bloody shirt are for.

  10. As I’m temporarily living in Germany (a knife can’t have both a lock and one-hand opening) I decided to go classical, and I’m going to carry my GEC Northfield Tractor Green Sunfish 😀

  11. My EDC will be a Brous Division Flipper during the day, but when its house party time Ill be rocking a Benchmark cheapo Balisong in respects to my TF2 spy costume. 😀

  12. My EDC, as always, will be my SOG Trident. That baby holds an edge very well. Razor sharp and easy to deploy and to keep sharp.

  13. I’m sure i will have my ZT350SW among other things close at hand. Its just the right size to have in my pocket.

  14. I’m thinking my one of my CRKT’s…though I can’t say for sure which one right now. Which everyone I feel like when that day rolls around.

  15. Aw, I think I’m too late for this :(.
    This would have been really fun. Something with halloween colored paracord would have been sweet.

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