Holiday Gift Guide


Have you started your Holiday shopping?  Don’t worry if you haven’t, there are plenty of people who are still holding out.  But, as they say, fortune favors the prepared.  So why not get a jump on your gift buying and beat the crowds?

One of the biggest issues, when it comes to shopping for the holidays, is finding that perfect gift.  Inevitably there is that one person who is impossible to shop for.  But don’t worry.  We are here to help you make this Holiday season as perfect as possible.  Our Holiday gift guide will give you some fantastic options for those difficult people.

Our mini D/A OTF lighters are sure to be the gift they will be left talking about.  Not only is this an impressive, reliable OTF, it also happens to be a lighter.  Yes, you read that right.  This knife features a lighter next to the blade.  What better way to roast chestnuts, than on a fire lit with the Mini D/A OTF lighter?  Excuse my pun, but this is one hot gift!  Don’t worry, we won’t judge if you pick one or 2 up for yourself while you’re shopping.

Next we have the Bolt OFT Series.  These quick action OTF’s are the perfect gift, if you are looking for options.  With so many different colors and designs, these are the best way to give a truly unique gift.  Buy several different designs, just to be prepared for whatever gift giving emergency may arise.  Don’t get caught empty-handed this Holiday, grab a few extra!

Don’t forget those stockings.  Too often we can get caught up in buying the big stuff, we can completely forget the stockings hanging on our mantle.  Well not this year.  This season we have an entire selection of premium stocking stuffers perfect for anyone.  Featuring key chains, beads and lanyards, these are sure to be on any knife fans wish list.   Give Santa a helping hand this year, and fill those stockings with the stuff they really want.

Lastly we have the SKM 13” Italian Stilettos.  These beautiful knives feature a handmade design, and are made in the heart of Italy.    The classic design will be at home in the pocket of any Italian collector.  Don’t miss your opportunity to own something made with the attention to detail and quality we have come to expect from Italian knives.  Anyone would be lucky to have this waiting for them under their tree!!

We are also featuring several other options for those on a specific budget.  Check out our gift Ideas Under $20, $50, and $100 to find exactly what you are looking for.  Save more give more!

What’s on your wish-list this Holiday?  Is there something specific you are looking for?  Or maybe you still need ideas for that hard to shop for person?  No matter what, let us know what you are thinking in the comments below.  Shop with us this holiday to make it one to remember!

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