Gear Up For Halloween: Deadpool



Oh Deadpool.  You either love him, or you hate him.  But if you hate him, you’re wrong.  At Halloween parties and comic conventions across the country, Deadpool has become immensely popular.  Whether it’s his iconic costume or quick wit, the dude is just plain loveable.  So this Halloween, make sure your Deadpool costume is something to be proud of, with some of this gear.

First we have the Curve Novelty Knuckles.  These knuckles are perfect for any party or convention.  Why?  They are plastic.  Totally safe to carry, as they are more a novelty, and not so much an actual weapon.  They are lightweight and easy to carry around for a long period of time.  For a price tag of only $7.99, these are a phenomenal addition to any Deadpool costume.   Whether you wear them on your hands or your utility belt, you’ve got to have these.  Coming in either red or black, why not get one for each hand!   They will add that perfect finishing touch to your costume!




Next we have the SAP Elite Red Gloves.  These gloves have Deadpool written all over them.  Don’t get me wrong, I do like to try and make my own costume from scratch.  But some things are just too difficult to try and make.  Too many times have I tried to make an actual, functional glove for my costume, only for it to end in frustration.  Sometimes you just need to go for those professionally made items.  Save yourself the time, frustration and headache.  Go with the SAP Elite Red Gloves.  These gloves are expertly made, giving you full hand functionality.  Plus, the color scheme just screams Deadpool.



Ok, it just wouldn’t be Deadpool if he didn’t have some awesome, retro gear that makes sense to no one else but himself.  But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  The Retro7T Nunchaku Red Acrylic Nunchuks are exactly what you need.  They will add that extra certain sense of individuality that every Deadpool costume absolutely has to have.  Why does he have them?  Where did he get them?  Who cares, it’s Deadpool that’s why!  Get these awesome Nunchucks and set yourself apart from all those other wannabe Deadpool’s!  Plus, they are just plain awesome to have hanging on your wall after you are done with your costume.



So there you have it, 3 fantastic items to get your Deadpool costume started the right way.  Set yourself apart this Halloween, and get your gear from us.  No more cheap plastic masks, or unreliable costumes.  Not for you.  Go for the gold and let us help you win that costume contest or cosplay competition.

What do you plan on going as for Halloween, or your next convention?  Let us know, and maybe we can help you find the right gear.  But please, always remember some of these items can be considered weapons.  Please act responsibly, and be aware they may not be allowed everywhere.

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