Butterfly Knife Care & Maintenance

Butterfly Knife Care & Maintenance
By Amanda Carbajal

Inspect Your Knife!

If your butterfly knife is constructed with screws, tightening the screws on a regular basis will prevent the knife parts from separating, and will keep the movement smooth. You may want to use a quality thread locker such as Loctite Blue 242 on the screws to keep them firmly in place. Just one tiny drop will be plenty for each screw. If your butterfly knife is constructed with pins, inspect them periodically to make sure they are in place and are tight. Check your knife regularly for any debris or damage. If your knife is covered under a manufacturer’s warranty, you’ll want to have them service the knife for you in the event of any damage.

Clean Your Knife!

A well cleaned butterfly knife will last longer than a dirty one. Grime, dust, and even fingerprints can harm the blade, as well as any moving parts. We recommend a knife cleaner such as Benchmade Blue Lube Cleanser to keep your blades clean and free of debris. In a pinch, a little bit of mild soap and warm water will clean it right up. Be Sure to dry the knife thoroughly, inside and out, to avoid rusting.

Oil Your Knife!

Your knife needs to be oiled after every cleaning, and periodically through the year. Use a high quality lubricant on all pivot points, and on the blade. This helps prevent rust and keeps it looking good and moving smoothly. Benchmade Blue Lube is a great wet lubricant, though it must be applied carefully to avoid stickiness. Tuff Glide by Sentry Solutions is a dry lubricant that won’t attract dust like a heavier oil would. One to two drops on each moving part of either lubricant will be plenty. Apply a thin layer on the blade to keep the steel rust-free and looking good.

Sharpen Your Knife!

We all know that a sharp blade is safer than a dull one. Anyone can sharpen a knife properly, given the right tools. A knife sharpening system is a great investment, as most of them will work for any blade. Look for one that comes with detailed instructions, like the Spyderco Sharpmaker, which comes with an instructional DVD. Having your knife professionally sharpened periodically is a good option too.

Remember: Inspect, Clean, Oil, Sharpen!

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