3 Reasons Throwing Knives Rock

One of the first noteworthy skills a human learns after birth is how to sit up. The skill immediately following is how to throw objects: food, toys, books, a treasured porcelain heirloom– you name it, a child will throw it with astounding dexterity and with devastating effects. (Have you ever tried to clean up pureed peas off a wall? Not a fun event, folks.)

The Smith and Wesson Bullseye 3 Set. Not safe for infants, but more fun than cleaning up pureed peas.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that the natural progression of human-powered projectiles includes man’s oldest tool: knives. People have been throwing knives since the tools were made of stone and used for subsistence hunting. In our advanced society, the utility of throwing knives as a hunting implement is lost for most people, but that doesn’t discount the other premium uses for throwing knives in modern culture. Keep reading to learn three reasons throwing knives, throwing stars, and throwing t-hawks all have a place in our always-on, Pokemon Go, smartwatch society:

1. Simple
Do you remember crumpling up a piece of paper as a kid and trying to throw it into a trash can? Good times. Throwing knives are simply an adult version of childhood trash can basketball. You don’t need a court, team or audience to make it happen. With a simple backstop, target, and a lazy afternoon, you’re set to have a terrific time throwing. No smartphone required. No batteries. No referees. Just the sweet sounds of metal on wood. Pokemon Go will never compete with the thrill of chucking steel at targets. Simplicity wins. There are heaps of videos online to teach knife throwing, ninja star throwing and tomahawk throwing. Watch them if you need to. Or don’t. This stuff isn’t brain surgery and with a few adjustments for distance, rotation and grip, you’ll start sticking them. We recommend forgetting the science behind the thing and focusing on the fun.
2. Therapeutic
Seriously. Flinging a throwing tomahawk at a target is ridiculously satisfying. If you’ve got worries, anxiety, or a heap-ton of stress, throwing knives are cheaper than a therapist and healthier than beer.

Throwing knives are cheaper than a therapist and healthier than beer.

In the heat of the Civil War, soldiers passed the time at night in camp by throwing knives. If it worked for them, it can work for you. Now, we’re not suggesting that throwing knives could ever take the place of professional medical help, but we are firm believers that changing up the routine, trying something new, and mastering a skill can be extremely useful in keeping your mental health in check. Putting life’s worries into a flying piece of steel has a magical way of smoothing things over and making life more manageable. Clear your mind, focus on the target, and let it fly.

Mississippians practicing knife throwing with a wicked large Bowie knife. Image from Harper’s Weekly, August 31, 1861

3. Affordable
A pack of 6 Smith & Wesson Bullseye Throwing Knives will cost you less that $30, and will provide hours of entertainment. Find a safe spot to throw those beauties and you’re set. In the video above, we found an abandoned lot to send the steel flying. Guaranteed that within a mile of your house, there is somewhere you can throw a knife into an old fence or rotting tree. Use them in your garage against some old plywood or set up a range in your back yard. Go find your spot and start throwing.
You can pick up a pack of 3 Cold Steel Throwing Stars for $15.95. That’s three days of lunch money and a lifetime of good, clean fun.
If you’re still not convinced, look at this photo of this mulleted-mountain-man-in-training until you’re sold on the idea of throwing metal for fun:
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3 thoughts on “3 Reasons Throwing Knives Rock

  1. That looks like fun!!! Where did you say I could pick those up from? Please instruct me on how I could win a set these?

  2. I love that you have “how to treat a knife wound” listed at two artless down! It may be the next article you’ll read after practicing throwing knives, stars, & ‘hawks! At least that’s what my two brothers and I always needed to treat as youngsters miraculously growing up.
    Finally, believe it or not, my mother was always famous for wanting to stick those stars in someone’s forehead! Someone like…a teacher who dared discipline one of her children, I forget how many–there were a lot of us! A policeman who kindly brought one of the little hellions home at night so he could do his homework instead of whatever he’d been caught doing, her favorite would be a bill collector. One day she just up & said, I wish I had one of those throwing stars like Bruce Lee…id stick it in that f*cker’s forehead!
    There were witnesses, so she was part of neighborhood lore, after that, and her Clint Eastwood delivery, “buzzards gotta eat, same as worms” made her famous ever since.
    I won’t ever show the Internet site, BladeHQ to my mother, who is 75 now. She will not have food money left out of her meager fixed income.
    I might buy her a set of stars, though! Her birthday’s coming up.
    Great fun video! Thank you.

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