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It was taken by our awesome photographer. She takes lots of stellar pictures, so if you’re not already following Grindworx on Instagram, you should totally start now.

Moving on—the knives pictured are Xcaliber spring assisted knives, and they are made by Tiger USA. The company designs its knives in the USA and has the knives made overseas. The knives that Tiger USA makes use quality materials, so along with their small price tags, Tiger USA blades offer some great action for your buck.

These knives come in three different sizes. The Xcaliber can be opened by using either the thumb stud or flipper, and once you start opening the blade, the spring will take over and do the rest of the work for you. Another perk of this knife is that since it’s a spring assisted opener, it has faster blade deployment than most manual folders, but it’s also legal in more areas than automatic knives.

The Xcaliber fits nicely in hand, is fairly compact, and is a great option for an everyday-carry knife.

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What’s your favorite EDC (everyday carry)?


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