Why OTF Knives Are Awesome



You’re a Grindworx customer, which means you know the value of a knife. Knives come in handy in all sorts of situations you’d never anticipate, but they’re a lot of fun to use, too. Even though I love my manual folding knife, no knives are as awesome (in my opinion) as out-the-front knives. It should be pretty self-explanatory as to why OTF knives are so awesome, but just in case you need more convincing, here are 10 reasons why you need an OTF in your life.

OTF Knives

1. OTFs are dang fun

There’s something satisfying about firing an OTF, and that enjoyment doubles when you’re using a double action OTF. One of my favorite OTF knives is the Lightning OTF. Sure it only costs around $40 on Grindworx, but it has action that will have you shaking your head in disbelief that it doesn’t cost more.


2. OTFs demand attention

When you fire an OTF, it’s sure to make heads turn. Something about the “fwing!” sound of a blade firing out a handle just demands respect. So much respect, in fact, that all one can do is stare at said OTF in awe and jealousy.


3. OTFs yield the appearance of swiftness, even if you’re not swift

If you’re having a slow day, don’t worry; fool your friends by casually getting out your OTF and fire that baby! Your friends will be like, “Oh my! That dude’s not sluggish at all! In fact, I’d say his agility ranks up there near ‘cheetah-like!’”


4. OTFs look awesome

Skip the aviator sunglasses, the leather jacket, and the motorcycle. Those all cost too much anyway. Instead, try improving your image with an OTF knife. Who’s lookin’ cool now?


5. OTFs are built for the impatient

Do you need your knife NOW? Then an OTF might just be for you. OTF knives mean you can have your blade out, ready to use, in the blink of an eye.


6. OTFs are carry friendly

There’s a lot of power packed into an OTF handle! The great thing about OTFs though is that even though they are pretty intense knives, they are still really compact and fit easily in your pocket.


7. OTFs will complete your collection

OTF knives add diversity to your knife collection. Everybody has a Swiss Army Knife or an old Buck their father or grandfather gave them. Those knives are classics and I do think everyone should have one, but I also think it’s good to shake things up every once in a while. OTF knives turn an ordinary collection into a remarkable one.


8. The name OTF sounds legit

Once you have an OTF, you can throw around the name “OTF” left and right, and your non-knife friends will think you’re a genius with all your knife terminology.


9. OTFs provide entertainment when you’re bored.

When you’ve got nothing to do, open and close your OTF. The “click, clack, clickity clack,” of it all is strangely addicting. Another plus is that if there’s someone in particular in the room that you’d like to leave, the opening and closing repeatedly is likely to annoy said annoying person, and they’ll most likely leave. If that’s not useful, I don’t know what is.


10. OTFs are available at Grindworx

You can get an OTF from yours truly, and who doesn’t want everything that Grindworx has to offer?



There are so many great OTF knives over at Grindworx! Check out our Best Budget OTF Knife Guide to see more.


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