Stilettos at Grindworx

It seems like stilettos are among the most popular items at Grindworx, which isn’t surprising considering their awesome nature. Here’s a brief introduction to four of the main different brands of stilettos carried by Grindworx.

Switchblade Knife Makers / Armando Beltrame (SKM / AB)


This company is a combined effort from two companies, SKM and AB. They make some really cool stilettos—some are more traditional in appearance while others have a little more pizazz, like the one pictured above. This knife is called the “Yellow Swirl Killer Bee” stiletto. It is the variety of designs and colors that contributes to the appeal of SKM/AB stilettos, in my opinion. These stilettos are made in Maniago, Italy, which has long been recognized as a famous Italian knife-making city.

Automatic Knife Company (AKC)


AKC is also based in Maniago. AKC stilettos have nervy nice workmanship, as you can see from the stiletto pictured above. Many of the stilettos are neutral colors while others are colorful, but somehow AKC manages to create classy-looking knives, no matter the color or style. The Leverletto (designed by Bill DeShivs) pictured above has a real cocobolo wood handle that adds to the aesthetics of the knife.

Frank Beltrame


Beltrame makes knives in Maniago (starting to recognize that name yet?). This Italian knife maker has been in the industry for more than 40 years. Perhaps the reason why he’s been in the knife business for so long is the strong passion he has for knives. He makes stilettos of all price ranges, but his attention to detail is evident in all of the knives he produces. His stilettos speak for themselves, and it is because of this that Beltrame has earned the respect he has from his customers.

AGA Campolin

aga-campolin-fishtail-honey AGA Campolin really adds some flair to your everyday stiletto. AGA really makes some beautiful and interesting designs—take a look at the stiletto pictured above.  It’s not shaped like your typical stiletto, but it has the same overall style and action that you’d expect to see. The fishtail design at the butt of the handle is unique, and so is the blade shape. This particular stiletto pictured above is actually a “picklock stiletto.” This means that instead of having a swiveling bolster, you would pull on the back lock away from the blade to close the knife.


There is a wide variety of stilettos on Grindworx, so go check them out!

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