SHOT Show 2014: New Knives

A few of our number from Blade HQ are in Vegas right now at SHOT Show. What happens in Vegas isn’t staying in Vegas this week, though, because we’ve got some updates from SHOT to share with you!
Here are some of the new Benchmade, H&K, CRKT, and Spyderco knives that will be released in 2014. I’ll be posting a bunch more in the next day or two, because as you might guess, the list is quite extensive. Enjoy this sampling of upcoming knives, and check back in the next couple of days for more updates! There will also be new content from SHOT on the Blade HQ website, YouTube, and our other social media sites, like Instagram, in the near future.
(***Kershaw and Zero Tolerance stuff isn’t up yet because there is a TON of it. I’ll be posting it tomorrow for you.)
Benchmade Gold Class 710-141
This knife is the result of collaboration between Benchmade and McHenry & Williams. The 710 offers a larger frame and more cutting power. Other features include a reverse curve blade and a reversible tip-up pocket clip. 
Benchmade 477 Large Emissary Knife
benchmade-large-emissary-477The Large Emissary 477 has the same great quality and the same sleek design as the 477, but it’s an enlarged version of the knife. The Large Emissary 477 is designed by Warren Osborne. 
(Also available with serrations)
Benchmade 484 Nakamura
The 484 is the first Seiichi Nakamura design to feature the AXIS lock. The 484 is equipped with ambidextrous thumb studs, a reversible tip-up pocket clip, and a G-10 handle with stainless steel liners.
(Also available with serrations)
Benchmade 531 Pardue (available in satin plain or serrated, and black plain or serrated)
The 531 is a super lightweight blade, but it is also very durable. It is based on the 530 Pardue model, and it features an AXIS lock, dual thumb studs, and a reversible pocket clip.
Benchmade 940-1 Osborne
The 940-1 is the 940 you know and love but it has a black, carbon fiber handle, unlike the green handle you find on the original 940. The 940-1 is a Warren Osborne design, and it has great comfort, ergonomics, and a slim, lightweight design.
Benchmade 904 Mini Stryker II (Available in satin plain or serrated, and black plain or serrated)
As is hinted to in its name, the Mini Stryker II is based off of the award-winning Stryker design. The Mini Stryker II is a manual folder and will feature the AXIS lock.
Benchmade 183 Contego(Available in satin plain or serrated, or black plain or serrated)
The 183 offers all of the great characteristics of the Contego folder, but in fixed-blade form.
HUNT Series
You may have heard whisperings of Benchmade’s hunting line of knives, and it’s true! Benchmade is releasing some awesome hunting knives that have different sizes and different purposes. Here are some of them:
Benchmade Saddle Mountain Skinner (Available with G-10, wood handles, and a gut hook)
Benchmade Saddle Mountain Hunter (Available with G-10 or wood handles)
Benchmade Big Summit Lake Knife
Benchmade Small Summit Lake Knife
Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter (Available with wood or G-10 handles)
Benchmade Grizzly Creek Folder


H&K Entourage 
The Entourage automatic knife features an enlarged push-button and an integrated safety. With an enhanced spring design, the Entourage is a very responsive blade. Other features include machined grips and a tip-up carry pocket clip.
The HK AXIS  features an AXIS lock, clip point D2 blade, textured black G10 scales, full stainless steel liners, and a reversible tip-up carry pocket clip.
H&K P30 Assist (Available in Tan and OD Green)
As you might infer from its name, the HK P30 is modeled after the H&K P30 gun. This knife features a modified drop point 8CR13 blade and a locking-liner assisted opening mechanism for easy, one-handed deployment.


CRKT Buy Tighe Two-Blade Folding Knife
At the 2012 Blade Show, the Buy Tighe folder won the Most Innovative Custom Design. Now for their 20th anniversary, CRKT is offering the Buy Tighe with two NIRK locking blades. Limited to a numbered run to 500 knives.
CRKT Ken Onion Large Eros
(There’s also a new Small Eros that is coming out this year.)
The new Eros is a stainless steel version of Ken Onion’s popular Eros knife. The knife features a framelock tab, an IKBS ball-bearing system for smooth blade action, and a modified drop point blade (like the original Eros).
CRKT Ikoma Fossil
Designed by Flavio Ikoma, the CRKT Fossil features a machined G-10 overlay and stainless steel handle, a reversible right-hand carry pocket clip, a flipper, and an IKBS ball bearing pivot that provides smooth action.
CRKT Steigerwalt Incendor
The Incendor is a Ken Steigerwalt design. It offers spring-assisted action and a fire safe lock to prevent accidental blade deployment. The blade has a bead blas finish and gray titanium nitride coating, and the handle features CNC-machined G-10 for added grippiness. The knife also has a stainless steel liner lock frame and a pocket clip that allows for deep pocket carry.
(Also available with serrations)
CRKT Jernigan V.A.S.P. Folder Flipper
V.A.S.P. stands for verify, advance, secure, and proceed. This Steve Jernigan design offers a top flipper for fast opening and additional security. Other features of the knife include a steel liner lock frame, textured G-10 scales, a tip-down carry pocket clip, ad a thumb hole.
(Also available with serrations)
CRKT Burnley Obake Fixed Blade
The Obake is another great design from Lucas Burnley. The knife has a full tang for solid construction, a gray titanium nitride coated blade with an etched pattern finish, a paracord-wrapped handle, and it comes with an injection-molded sheat.
CRKT Ed Halligan Sweet K.I.S.S. Fixed Blade
The Halligan Sweet K.I.S.S. fixed blade is a new knife adapted from the standard KISS folding knife. The new version of the knife includes an injection-molded sheath and a lanyard that offers quick-release to allow for lightweight neck carry.
CRKT Large Drifter Folding Knife
The Drifter is a great knife for everyday carry because of its slim design. Features of the knife include a gray titanium nitride-coated frame, a stainless steel blade, and a stainless steel pocket clip.
(Also available with serrations)
CRKT Large Pazoda Folding Knife
The Pazoda is a sleek frame-lock folder that has a gray titanium nitride coated steel blade and a stainless steel frame. The frame has a gray titanium nitride accent coat with a brushed finish that is only onthe outer surface. The Pazoda also features a stainless steel clip.
(Also available with serrations)
CRKT Johnson Woods Kangee T-Hawk Axe
CRKT Johnson Woods Chogan T-Hawk Axe
Both of these CRKT axes have a 1055 carbon steel head and Tennessee hickory handles that contribute positively to their overall strength, durability, and attractiveness. Ryan Johnson, a designer with more than 30 years of experience, designed both of these CRKT products.
CRKT Folts Minimalist Keramin
The Keramin is an Alan Folts design. It has three deep finger grooves that make for excellent gripping and a hawkbill-style blade.
CRKT Onion ChanceInHell Machete
CRKT Onion Halfa Chance Parang
These Ken Onion blades are ready for outdoor and survival use. Both the machete and parang have a black powder coated carbon steel blade and a double injection molded handle, and both come with a heavy duty reinforced nylon sheath.
Ritter RSK MK6 Survival Knife
Doug Rittter’s RSK is compact enough to fit into just about any space you want to stash it, and it is a great way to build up a personal survival kit. This blade is a larger version of the MK5 fixed blade, and it features a stonewashed blade and a bright orange paracord wrap.
CRKT RJ Johnson No Bother Fixed Blade
The No Bother is another great Ryan Johnson design. It is constructed with thick stainless steel and features textured black scales. The blade has a black oxide stonewash finish that both looks good and protects the blade well.
CRKT MJ Lerch Synergist
Designed by MJ Lerch, the Synergist is a tactical boot knife that is great for piercing. The knife comes with a leather sheath that has a clip for attaching the knife to your boot, pack, belt, or wherever.
CRKT Johnson Kangee T-Hawk – orange
This full-tang tomahawk axe is designed by Ryan Johnson. It features a black powder coated SK5 steel blade with grip grooves and full length handles scales for added gripping, and they can be removed for cleaning.
There are some other pretty cool accessories and small pieces of gear that CRKT is releasing this year, too. Here are a few of them:
CRKT  Stokes Compass & Fire Starter Paracord Bracelet
CRKT Stokes Bottle Opener Paracord Bracelet Accessory
CRKT Tighe Cye Money Clip 
CRKT Spark’n Sharp firestarter & Sharpener 


The info on Spyderco’s new knives has already been released, but we wanted to include some of them anyway:
Spyderco Double Bevel 
The Double Bevel is a Bob Terzuola design. It has a VG-10 blade with a flast grind, for superior edge geometry, and a hollow grind for strength, so you get the best of both worlds with this blade. The knife also features a Walker Linerlock.
Spyderco Roc Folding Cleaver
This knife is the first collaboration between Spyderco and Serge Panchenko. Features include a VG-10 stainless steel blade with a bead blast finish, skeletonized stainless steel liners, a Walker LinerLock mechanism, a wire clip for reversible tip-up carry, and an open-built handle for light weight and easy cleaning.
Spyderco Kiwi4
The Kiwi4 is an enlarged version of the Kiwi. This is a great knife for those who like larger blades, and it also features a locking blade. The Kiwi4 is still thin and comfortable, but it has a reversible tip-up carry pocket clip.
Spyderco Firefly
The Firefly has a custom feel to it, which is fitting because the knife is the result of collaboration with custom knifemaker Peter Carey (known for his beautifully hand-crafted knives). The orange handle is especially beautiful with the addition of carbon fiber, and the knife also features skeletonized stainless steel liners and a Walker LinerLock mechanism.
 Spyderco Tatanka PowerLock Folding Knife
The Spyderco Tatanka is a large, hard-use folding knife, and part of the reason it can handle heavier use is its PowerLock™. The PowerLock™ is a new locking mechanism that exhibits great strength and sits within the knife’s stainless steel liners. 
Spyderco Mike Draper Titanium Knife
This Spyderco is a collaboration between Spyderco and Mike Draper. This knife combines intricately machined solid titanium handle with a swirled texture and blue anodized spider web design. Other features include a stainless steel liner lock and pocket clip.
 Spyderco Spy-DK
spyderco-dk-lightweight-orange (1)
The Spy-DK combines the Spyderco original UK Penknife concept with the Pingo’s “Denmark-friendly features.” The knife includes a non-locking blade that utilizes a notch-joint mechanism and a deep pocket wire clip.
Spyderco Southard 
Spyderco is now making the Southard with a black handle.
Spyderco ClipiTools
spyderco-clipit-front spyderco-clipit-serrated-open
There are a few of these Spyderco ClipiTools coming out this year. They are compact multi-purpose pocket knives. The knife pictured has a serrated blade in addition to the primary full flat ground blade.
As always, the specs are subject to change on these knives as they near production. Stay tuned for more updates from SHOT Show from Blade HQ in the coming days and weeks!

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  1. Finally!! they put the griptilian axis studs on the lightweight pardue 531. The old ones were terrible and tore the hell outta your finger, (and made the knife useless if you were wearing gloves.) Dang, now I wanna find out if I can have them fit onto my old 530??…

    1. Also I’m sure you know this already, but just in case, keep in mind that if you dissemble your knife it will void the warranty associated with that knife.

    1. Out of all the Spyderco knives listed, the Firefly is my favorite too! The orange with the carbon fiber looks AWESOME. Lots of exciting stuff coming up this year from all our manufacturers for sure.

  2. Great write-up! The Spyderco folding cleaver looks really interesting, and I am glad they are enlarging the Kiwi slightly. I only wish the Kiwi had a liner lock.

  3. No love for 2014 Kershaw? They have some killer new knives debuting. Gotta have that new CRKT Fossil as well. GET SOME!!!

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