Mykel Hawk Knives

Here’s a short overview of some Mykel Hawke products that just arrived at Grindworx!

Hawke Harrier Elite Folder Tanto Blackstone Desert Tan G10


This isn’t your average pocketknife.

If you’re looking for a way to shake things up with your knife collection, this Hawke Harrier Elite is the way to go. The tanto blade isn’t something you see every day on a pocketknife, and it gives the knife a slight fixed-blade look. This knife can be used for everyday carry or tactical use, and it also has dual thumb studs and moveable cross guards.


Hawke Kestrel Neck Tanto Fixed Blade Knife


This neck knife is a great option for everyday carry. It’s lightweight, concealable, and only 5.5 inches in length.


Mykel Hawke Tactical Hawkechete Machete


How about this for a discrete knife?

This machete has a double-edged blade that’s great for getting the job done. But then again, why not let it do the easy stuff, too? Whip this guy out the next time you need to cut a tag off a new shirt. Be sure to take a picture of the looks on your friends’ faces, though.


Hawke Peregrine Tanto Fixed Blade Blackstone


This Peregrine Tanto makes for a sturdy knife; it has a stainless steel blade and a full tang, which adds strength to the entire knife. It also has a mold-injected handle, totals 10.5 inches in length, and features a glass breaker in case you get into a sticky situation.


Check out these awesome Hawke products and more at Grindworx!

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