Microtech Mini Jagdkommando

Ever see one of those knives that are as interesting to look at as they are to learn about?  The Microtech Mini Jagdkommando is most definitely one of those knives.  Its unique “twisted” design is matched only by its interesting back story.
The term Jagdkommando originated during World War I, when an elite group of Austrian K.u.K. military men were called to action.  The term translates to “Manhunt Command”.  Most of the Jagdkommando missions are classified, as they are similar to United States Special forces.  Specializing in Counter-Terrorism, and Counter-Insurgency, you most definitely do not want to be on the bad side of Jagdkommando.   Trained in basic demolition, Amphibious Insertion/extraction, field survival, combat dives and much more, the Jadgkommandos are a group of highly trained experts in what they do.  So any knife named after such an elite task force would need to be able to live up to such a prestigious name, and the Microtech Mini Jagdkommando does just that.
This fixed blade is a smaller version of the regular sized Jagdkommando.  At 55% of its original size, this knife has become far easier to manage, without losing any of what made the original so fantastic.  The blades of the knife twist as they come to a formidable point, while the three grooved faces feature drilled holes that flow in a seamless fashion.  Just looking at this knife, you can see it means business, this is not a knife to be played with.
The sheath for this knife is also pretty impressive.  Microtech has designed a unique, aluminum housing, that screws over the blade, holding it firmly in place.  So no need to worry about the blade falling out, or coming loose.  The screw design holds each face of the blade safe and secure.  It also features Paracord for neck carry, making it great for tactical use.
We recently got a shipment of these knives, but they are selling faster than we can keep them.  So are you ready to get a knife worthy of the name Jagdkommando?  Hit the link and add this impressive item to you collection now, before they are gone.
So what do you think?  Are you worthy of the Jagdkommando?  Or is it too much knife for you to handle?  Let us know in the comments below.  Or, if you want to learn more about the Jagdkommandos, follow this link and let us know what you think.

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