Knives among the Undead

In honor of Zombie Awareness month, here is a post on knives in zombie movies. Enjoy!


The Walking Dead

Everyone I know who is into zombies is obsessed with this show. If you’re one of the people I’m describing, then you’ve seen some Gerber knives on the show, even if you didn’t know it at the time.

Gerber signed a deal with The Walking Dead, so many of their knives are featured on the show. Gerber put together a zombie kit that contains the knives that make an appearance on the show (pictured below). Some of them are pretty menacing.


You can find the following knives from The Walking Dead at Grindworx. If you’re preparing for the apocalypse, these knives are sure to help you fight the biters:

Bear Grylls Parang


Epic Fixed Blade Knife



Gator Machete



Here’s a short video behind the scenes of The Walking Dead where they talk briefly about the knives in the series.




I Am Legend

This might not be your typical zombie movie, but it is filled with the undead. In this movie, Will Smith carries a Benchmade 9100 Auto-Stryker.


take 2

Be sure to check back next Tuesday for another zombie-infiltrated post.

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