Knife Gift Ideas for Knife Lovers

Knife Gift Ideas
Um, did Thanksgiving really come and go already? It’s a little hard to believe, especially considering the turkey coma I seem to have gone through; the past week is a little fuzzy for me. Anyway, crazy as it seems, the holiday season is officially upon us. If you’ve got a lot of gift shopping to do, have no fear. This list will help you find the perfect gifts for the ones you love. Check out these great knife gift ideas that would be perfect for any knife enthusiast in your life.
(You may have already seen the Blade HQ Holiday Gift Guide, which is another great reference, but I wanted to give you some additional, different gift ideas in case you were still in the hunt for that perfect gift.)

Knife Gift Ideas

Spyderco Sage
spyderco-sage-c123cfThe Spyderco Sage is a favorite without a doubt among Blade HQ employees. It actually comes in several different versions, but my favorite is the carbon fiber version. Carbon fiber has this ability to elevate any knife, no matter the design, to a classier state. The Sage fits very comfortably in hand, features S30V steel, has excellent quality overall, and is easy to open and close.
Spyderco Ladybug/ Manbug
spyderco-ladybug-super-blue-satin-plain--greyThe Spyderco Ladybug and Manbug both are great gift options because they’re tiny and fit on your key chain where they can stay until they are needed. With a knife on your key chain, you’ve always got a cutting tool on hand even if you forgot to grab your EDC for the day. The Spyderco Ladybug is slightly smaller than the Spyderco Manbug, totaling 4.375 inches long. The Manbug is available in two lengths: 4.46 inches and 4.375 inches. The 4.375-inch version is the same length as the Ladybug, but it has a wider and thicker blade.
Blade HQ Exclusive Benchmade 51 Balisong
benchmade-butterfly-51-15014-bali-song-morpho-2If you didn’t see this beauty on Black Friday, it’s time you two got acquainted. It’s the perfect gift for any balisong lover in your life; it’s made by Benchmade, it’s a Blade HQ exclusive, and it has stellar flipping action. The overall length on this butterfly is 9.25 inches and the overall weight is 3.30 ounces.
Swiss Army Knife
swiss-army-classic-sd-white-53007Ah, Swiss Army—the knife anyone can appreciate. Not every person would comprehend how great a folding knife from a big-name brand is, but I dare to say each and every person would recognize and appreciate a Swiss Army knife. They’re simple, compact, and user-friendly. You can get one for the biggest knife addict in your life or the biggest knife virgin in your life; either way, that special someone is bound to appreciate and use a Swiss Army knife. Best of all, there are lots of different colors and variations of the Swiss Army Knife, so it’s easy to choose the perfect one.
Bradford Knives Guardian4
bradford-usa-guardian4-odGuys, this is a stellar knife that I’ve only recently become acquainted with. It’s a really great, sturdy knife that is perfect for camping and hiking. If you’re gift shopping for an avid outdoorsman, get them a Guardian4. It’s available in a few different blade materials (including S30V and N690) and blade finishes, it totals about 9 inches overall, and it has great gripping and quality for a really solid knife overall.
Benchmade Griptilian or Mini Griptilian
benchmade-556-blu-mini-griptilianThe Benchmade Griptilian is the EDC you want to get for anyone who values quality, durability, and functionality—doesn’t that cover just about anyone? Few folding knives match the Griptilian’s solidity. This knife is a great gift option because it will hold up to lots of regular use, it’s easy to use, and it’s dependable.
Boker Kalashnikov
boker-kalashnikov-satin-blackThe Boker Kalashnikov is a great gift option because it’s affordable and is a blast to use. It has lots of power packed behind it, and the blade fires open with the push of a button.
Here is another really great option for any outdoorsmen or survivalists out there. The ESEE 5 is designed for “survival, escape, and evasion.” It is long and sturdyperfect for any outdoor situation you might encounter. It also features 1095 steel and a glass breaker/pommel and bow drill divot.
Microtech UTX70
microtech-utx-70-se-148-1-rdThe Microtech UTX70 is a great option because it comes in several different colors, but there’s also a Cali-Legal UTX70 that has a 1.9-inch blade.
spyderco-sharpmakerGive that special someone the gift that keeps giving—a sharpener. Blades don’t stay sharp forever. Sharpeners can help return blades to their original state, sharp and ready for action. This Sharpmaker from Spyderco is a great option because it comes with a super helpful instruction book and DVD, so it’s easy to use even for those who have never sharpened a knife before.
Knife Lubricants 
frog-lube-fl-5ml-squeezeHow about some lubricant to keep those blades in prime cutting condition? Frog Lube would make a great stocking stuffer, but there are many more knife lubricant options you can check out at Blade HQ.
one-eyed-jack-pendant-pewterHelp that special someone show their knife some bead love! We really like Schmuckatelli Beads. If you’re bored, you should head over and click on “The Skull Stories.” Each bead has a story behind it. It’s pretty cool. If you want to be super awesome, you could print out the story behind the bead you purchase and give it to your friend or loved one along with the corresponding bead.
These are just a few knife gift ideas for the average knife enthusiast. There are obviously hundreds of other options to check out at Blade HQ if you’re nothing is jumping out at you from this post, and don’t forget that Blade HQ’s Holiday Gift Guide is there to help you out, too.
What knife gifts will you be giving this year?

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  1. Nice gift guide and ideas. I plan to give a couple EDC knives this year. The first is a Kershaw Skyline and my son may get a Brous Blades Bionic that I recently ordered from Blade HQ. I’m hoping to receive a Benchmade 761 and ZT562 that I preordered a while ago.

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