Italian-Style Knives in Movies

There are a lot of knife knuts out there who can go to a movie, spot a knife, and name said knife off the top of their heads. I can’t say I’m that intense, but I am pretty good at spotting knives in movies and then tracking them down online. Without a doubt, some of the coolest knives you can spot on the big screen are Italian knives. They are classy, and they show up in a wide variety of movie genres.

Because Italian-style knives are so popular on Grindworx, we’re taking a stroll through the media and checking out some awesome Italian-style knives in movies. There are actually a ton of Italian knives in the movies, so there are definitely more posts like this to come!

Italian Knives in Movies

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Italian knives in movies

indiana jonesSo let’s ignore the fact that the fourth Indiana Jones movie was kiiiiind of a train wreck. (Anytime you bring in aliens at the end of a movie, you know the director is hurting real bad for good content.) Aliens aside, this movie is awesome for one reason: it has an Italian knife in it.

12 Angry Men




angrymen4This movie came out in 1957—around the time Italian-style knives were gaining popularity in the United States.

Stand By Me

acemerrillThis movie came out in the mid ‘80s, as you might be able to tell from this young gentleman’s hair and attire. But that’s just a guess. As you can see, even he knows a good Italian knife when he sees one.

The Breakfast Club

breakfast7breakfast9If you’ve seen the movie The Breakfast Club—and it seems like I’m the only person in the world who hasn’t—then you should have noticed an Italian-style knife.

Dennis the Menace




dennis12I’ve never actually seen this movie, but the pictures of this creepy man with an apple on his Italian knife were too great to not post on Get a Knife.

The Outsiders



outsiders1A lot of you probably had to read the book The Outsiders at some point in school. What naturally follows after finishing a book in school, at least in my school district back home, is watching the motion picture. The movie has what appears to be a lever lock in it, if I’m not mistaken.



seven3The movie Seven is more proof that Morgan Freeman is awesome; check out that Italian knife he’s holding.



china7 If you’ve seen Chinatown, then you know it’s got a sweet Italian knife!

What other movies have you noticed that feature Italian-style knives? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below, and I’ll try to add them in the next Italian knives in the movies post.

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4 thoughts on “Italian-Style Knives in Movies

  1. Nice post with a very nice sampling of blades! Thanks for sharing. You are correct, the one Ralph Macchio had in “The Outsiders” had a lever lock which when pressed backwards opened, or closed the knife. When flipped back down forward it holds the blade in the locked position when closed. It had stag scales (handles). That style knife is also known as a “shotshell puller”. The bolsters at the top of the knife can be used to remove spent shells from a shotgun. I was able to pick up a nice mint one with beautiful stag scales like the one in the movie several years ago!

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