Ice Butterfly Knives


Whether you’re looking for your first butterfly, a budget butterfly, a beater knife, or you just don’t want to spend that much money, these Ice butterfly knives have got your back!

Let’s go over the specs.

One awesome perk about these knives is that they have pin construction. If you’re new to flipping, pin construction is great because you don’t have to maintain the pins to keep them from loosening and falling out; they’re not going anywhere. These butterflies also have fluid action, which is always important when you’re refining or developing your flipping skills.

These Ice butterfly knives have a crazy sharp edge—seriously. This is awesome because it means you can use these knives for more than just flipping. On the other hand, though, it also means you need to exercise extra caution when flipping. The weight on these knives is about 6 ounces.

You also have a few color options:



The place to get these knives is!

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