HOM Basilisk-R Butterfly Knife – Better than the Original

In 2007, the Hom/Dalton Basilisk butterfly knife hit the market and went the way of most mid-techs: into legend. The original Basilisk was unique for its time. Only 106 were produced, and although they came in a variety of handle materials and blade profiles, all were made to perform.  Featuring a hand tuned bushing system honed to minimize play, the Basilisk earned its reputation as being one of the best flippers on the market. This collector piece still pops up on the secondary market with a price tag in the $450 – $600 price range.

Basilisk orginal
(photo by Dead Rat – Jeerzedevil.com)

Now, the beloved and much sought after Basilisk is back and better than ever. Jerry Hom of HOM Designs, a designer and bali enthusiast, has brought back his brainchild, marrying the styling and action of the original with better materials and a superior build quality. Jerry is a bit of a modern day Dr. Frankenstein, as he not only injects life into each new project, but a soul. And this is doubly true for the Basilisk-R. Jerry has resurrected the classic and added an “R” that stands for Revenant; and this beauty is definitely back with a vengeance.

(see the Basilisk-R in action)
Longer, thicker handles satisfy in the hand like no other. Machined carbon fiber overlays are slotted on top of gold anodized titanium liners, which bring both bling and added stiffness as the liners are 50% thicker in the new Basilisk-R. The scales also boast subtle horizontal jimping for touch perfect grip without impeding fanning techniques.
Additionally, asymmetrical stainless steel spacers are crafted to help offset the weight of the titanium latch pin.
Basilisk-R glamour
Of course the old adage goes, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. So the Basilisk-R still sports the wicked recurved bowie blade made of 5/32” 154CM steel, with a glass bead finish. The precision tuned bushing system is still in place, along with phosphor bronze washers. What has changed is the new chamfered spine, tang and horns that make this balisong oh-so-silky-smooth.
HOM Flipping side by side
Feenxfire first run with the Basilisk-R (https://www.instagram.com/feenxfire/)

Dr. Hom Frankenstein has brought back a classic making it better and creating a true flipping monster. Though, the Basilisk-R is more likely to attract a mob of envy rather than one with torches and pitchforks. We say ” Yes, master. Well done, master!” Well done indeed.

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  1. any chance of obtaining a printted catalogue my address is 1623 woodmere way havertown, pa 19083 am interested on you new baliflipper cost ???

  2. I hope I didn’t miss out completely on this can I be expecting another run of this knife for sale?

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