Hidden Gems of Blade HQ

It’s a well-known fact that Blade HQ sells knives. Over the years though, our product has expanded to include camping gear, apparel, even shaving accessories, and more. Even though knives are the main focus of Blade HQ, there are also some other really cool products here that are often overlooked or are unknown to many.
Here are some hidden gems at HQ. If you didn’t know about them before, feel free to bask in the excitement that comes with discovering a secret, like when you discovered the Tactical Clothespin—we all know that was an epic day. If you already knew about all of these products, you can officially call yourself a Blade-HQ-ian. (Welcome.) Either way, this should be a win-win post for you.

Flat Stainless Steel Gate Clip

I got most of these ideas from our product manager, including this one. You can attach this clip to your keychain so you can hook your keys to your belt loop for easy carry. You could also connect the clip to paracord, your backpack to clip things quickly to, or simply use it around camp. Clips have lots of uses, and they hardly weigh anything.

Olight S10 Baton Flashlight

This LED should really get more attention than it does. It’s very compact (2.79 inches in length and 1.6 oz.), and it is extremely bright (maximum output is 320 lumens). Another cool feature is the moonlight setting which puts out 0.5 lumens so that you don’t get a blast of light, and the battery can last for 360 hours on this setting. This Olight also has a magnetic base, so you can stick it to anything that’s metal.

Queue Chromelighter Series

This lighter is pretty sleek. It’s relatively small (about the size of a tactical clothespin—thanks Ben!) and it’s perfect for carrying around anywhere. Most lighters look pretty much the same, but this one looks a little classier and adds a slight twist to your traditional lighter. To sum it up: it looks cool.

Olicamp Hard Anodized Space Saver Mug Pot

Chances are you recently found out about this pot, but I still wanted to include it. There’s definitely a place for heavy duty, expensive camp-cooking gear, but there’s something to be said for the affordable stuff, too.  Because this pot is inexpensive ($10.55), you don’t need to feel bad if you put it directly in a fire to cook your food. It also has measurements on the side of the pot so you can see how much you’re filling it with. As a final perk, a Nalgene will nest nicely in the pot so you don’t waste space.

CRKT ExiTool

Honestly, the ExiTool is a priceless tool. This product is designed to allow you to survive, and it combines a seat belt cutter, glass breaker, and an LED into one item. Should you find yourself in a position where you needed it, the ExiTool would help you cut off your seatbelt, break through your car window, and escape. An ExiTool could be used on land if your door was jammed and you couldn’t escape, or if your car was submerged in water and you were trapped. The ExiTool is small and can slide onto your seatbelt for later use, so it really stays out of your way until you need it. The ExiTool is a very simple item but it has immeasurable value; if the day ever came when you were trapped in your car, the ExiTool could mean the difference between life and death.

Vargo Titanium Keychain Tool

This tool has three hex-shaped wrenches, a flat-head screwdriver edge, a bottle opener, and (one of its most useful functions, in my opinion) a reverse-cutting can opener, all combined into one item. If you’re out camping and you have a can of food in addition to your tent, sleeping bag, and all your other gear, the last thing you want to throw in your bag is a can opener. This one is nice and light, is made of titanium, has other useful functions, and can be easily attached to your gear. Keep in mind, a tool like this will be a little slower than your everyday can opener, but if you need something light and easily accessible, this keychain tool can come in quite handy.
Blade HQ also carries other tools that include a can-opening function including some Swiss Army Knives, the Eat’N’Tool, and other multi-tools.


Mora of Sweden

There are many brands that are overlooked, but unfortunately I don’t have time to include them all in this post. Mora of Sweden is one brand that is often passed over, perhaps because people just aren’t familiar with it. Mora of Sweden knives are inexpensive, and they are really good knives for their prices.
I hope you found something here you hadn’t seen before, or at least rekindled some excitement about products you may have forgotten about. In any case, have a great weekend, knife enthusiasts.

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